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Process Repair Service

Process Equipment Repair When You Need It

Extend the life of your equipment with Cross Repair Services.

Buying new equipment isn’t always the best option. Sometimes the budget is just not there. Sometimes part of a valve or regulator is working but another part isn’t. Regardless of why you need us, Cross is pleased to have a wide range of repair services for your process maintenance needs.

We have factory-trained service technicians with years of experience who can troubleshoot and repair your equipment quickly and cost effectively. Each repair comes with a report on what was done for your records. We also save all repairs in our calibration and repair system, should you need to access them in the future.

If your process equipment isn’t performing optimally, Cross may be able to help.

Take a look at the range of repairs that the Cross Process Solutions Group can provide!

Cross Expert Process Repair Services

A valve or actuator not performing as expected has the potential to shut down an entire process. But on the other hand, a process may be performing as expected even though various components are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

Neither of these are ideal situations for process manufacturers. However, there is a fix.

Cross Repair Services for process equipment can inspect your valves, vents, actuators, and other components to make sure they’re working properly and efficiently. This removes the worry of impending failure and production halts.

With our targeted maintenance, we can also remove and repair individual components within a larger system. Addressing these potential points of failure now can save plants from potential downtime, costly replacements, and future headaches.

With Cross, you can save time and money by letting our experts handle your ball valve repairs. Our trained and experienced technicians can repair or replace any damaged or worn ball valves.

Ball Valve Repair →

Just like other mechanical equipment, blanket gas regulators require maintenance and repair to function optimally. Frequent inspections can help identify issues early on, preventing potential malfunctions that could lead to costly downtime or safety risks.

Blanket Gas Regulator Repair →

Butterfly valves are necessary components in many industrial processes, providing reliable and efficient control over the flow of fluids. And like any mechanical equipment, they experience wear and tear over the course of normal operation.

Butterfly Valve Repair →

Repair procedures for pneumatic and hydraulic control valves performed by the valve repair experts at Cross Process Solutions. We can provide the valve repair and maintenance you need.

Control Valve Repair →

Flame arresters are necessary components in the world of process facilities and applications. They play a critical role in ensuring the safety of both equipment and personnel while also preventing catastrophic incidents that can result from the propagation of flames in gas piping systems containing flammable gas/vapor mixtures.

Flame Bank Repair →

Cross is proud to be a Groth Authorized Repair Dealer (GARD). That means if you’re in need of repair services for relief valves, we have the documented expertise to help.

Low Pressure Relief Valves and Vents – GARD Center →

If you’re utilizing process automation within your facility or application, you know the importance of actuators for your valves. If one of those is underperforming, we can help with expert valve actuator repair services.

Valve Actuator Repair →

Detailed Equipment Reports

Every repair our technicians perform comes with a report detailing the work we performed and solutions to any problems your valves, vents, or other equipment may be experiencing.

Carefully documenting and reporting any changes made to your equipment is beneficial for two reasons. First, you have a detailed report for your records and a way to forecast what actions may be needed in the future.

Second, we also keep records of all repairs, so if you need further repairs in the future, we already have a plan for them.

Our record-keeping makes repairing your process equipment an efficient, cost-effective strategy. Don’t let your vents, gas regulators, or actuators break down and need a full replacement. Take a proactive approach with Cross Process Equipment Repair services.

Pneumatic Valves

Hydraulic Valves

Flame Banks

Blanket Gas Regulators


Ball Valves

flame arrestor equipment repair by cross

Extend Your Equipment's Life

That you need to fully replace your relief valves or purchase new actuators isn’t something a process plant wants to hear. Excluding the unexpected costs associated with replacement, having to replace integral parts of your process equipment also means production stoppage and downtime.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to come to that. In many cases, it is possible to keep your actuators, valves, or vents in good working order over time and throughout use. The answer is process equipment repair.

Letting your process equipment run until it breaks down may be good for short-term productivity, but ultimately causes more problems than it solves. Ensure you won’t face unexpected, extended downtime by keeping your valves and vents inspected and repaired.

At Cross Process Repair, we can do exactly that. Our experienced technicians can not only diagnose potential future points of failure, they can perform the maintenance required to prevent that failure, too.

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Process Equipment Repair Services?

Have you been putting off having those old valves looked at for fear an inspection will lead to a shut down? Or anticipating downtime due to spotty low pressure relief valve performance?

It doesn’t have to be that way. In many cases, underperforming process equipment can be repaired. Which removes the need for costly, plant-wide shutdowns and extended downtime that a full replacement may necessitate.

If your process equipment is in need of a tune up, Cross Company is your answer. From preventive maintenance to repairing a malfunctioning part, we can get your process up and running at the efficiency it needs.

Don’t wait and let a repair become a replacement. Contact the experts at Cross Process Solutions today.

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