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Precision Measurement Articles and White Papers

Since 1939, our precision measurement team has compiled a wealth of knowledge about subjects within the precision measurement industry. Take a look at some of our latest articles.

Mistakes to Avoid: Thread Gages While thread gages are some of the most commonly used inspection instruments in manufacturing, they can be confusing and intimidating to those who are not familiar with their design. Small mistakes can have large ramifications such as incorrect judgements or frequent need for gage replacements. The following examples are common …

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If the number wasn’t important you wouldn’t take the measurement, right? Manufacturers around the world invest tremendous resources into their metrology programs to inspect parts and products for quality assurance and insight into their process. Despite this immense volume of data, time-consuming and error-prone manual entry is still common practice. With the pressure for leaner …

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Do rising material costs have you looking for ways to reduce raw material usage and waste? We have heard lots of concerns from customers recently related to increased raw material costs, predominately due to tariffs. When material costs go up, the best way to protect your margins is to reduce raw material usage and waste. …

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A written calibration program is a key component in a food safety and quality system. In addition to determining what needs to be calibrated, how often, and by whom, a good calibration program includes steps to be taken if equipment is found out of tolerance. These steps must address both the product potentially impacted by …

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Whether you make cosmetics, food, medical devices, or power tools you want to guarantee that your product reaches the customer in the same condition that it left your facility. As a manufacturer you go to great lengths to ensure the quality of your product, but unknowingly you could be subjecting your product to damaging conditions …

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