100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

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Universal Robots is the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, providing thousands of robots throughout many industries worldwide.  As a certified systems integrator for Universal Robots, our automation team works with customers in a range of industries, creating customized solutions that utilize Universal Robots products. 

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Check out this video from our very own Grady Turner walking through the installation of AIRSKIN on a Universal Robots UR5. AIRSKIN is built for high sensitivity collaborative applications and is available for a range of Universal Robots models through Cross Company. With simple two layer installation and magnetic attachments AIRSKIN is ideal when you …

AIRSKIN Installation on a UR5 Read More »

Cross Company is proud to present the Cross Palletron, a solution that utilizes a Universal Robot to create a fully collaborative and mobile palletizer and depalletizer. Cross’ easy to use software eliminates the need for complex robotic programming and makes redeploying this solution for a different production line or package size much quicker. Cross Company’s …

Presenting Cross Palletron – Featuring Universal Robots Read More »

Universal Robots Resource Check out this video from UR showcasing some great applications for UR cobots in manufacturing. Because cobots can work alongside humans they are capable of completing a number of dull and repetitive tasks, allowing labor to be reassigned to more skilled tasks elsewhere in your facility. In this video you will see …

Universal Robots Factory Application Read More »

Cross Company is committed to helping you use your Collaborative Robot solution more effectively. Our goal is to highlight unique features, application examples, and provide guidance on how to implement them in your projects further decreasing your installation time and increasing your return on investment. Cross Company is a UR factory authorized training center and …

Two day UR collaborative robot core training class dates for 2019 and 2020 Read More »

Universal Robots, the most trusted and widely-deployed cobot manufacturer in the world, announces the immediate availability of the UR16e which boasts an impressive 16 kg payload capability. UR16e combines the high payload with a reach of 900 mm and pose repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm making it ideal for automating tasks such as heavy-duty material …

Universal Robots Launches Heavy-Duty Payload Cobot for Collaborative Automation Read More »

Cross Company automation experts can help you determine which Universal Robots model is right for you. Start a conversation with our team to find the perfect solution for your operation.

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