100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Cross Provider: Brooks Instrument

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Brooks Instrument has been building high quality flow products since 1946. They have pioneered top of the line solutions for flow measurement and control such as mass flow meters, high pressure flow meters, and flow controllers. Cross Company is your Brooks Instrument Representative! We offer a full range of Brooks Instrument products so you can find a solution with us, no matter what your application involves.

By fulfilling your Brooks Instrument needs with Cross Company, you are selecting an experienced business partner that is vested in the success of your business. Our abilities to help you succeed go beyond product selection and into calibration, automation, control systems, and custom solutions for biggest problems!

Did you know Brooks Instrument has several offers for universities? Designed with precision and ease of use in mind, these products are perfect for the university setting, Research labs will benefit from a range of accessory options and features such as LabVIEW compatibility, which allows direct communication between MFC systems and LabVIEW without requiring LabVEW I/O cards. Contact a Cross instrumentation expert to learn more about the University discount offers.

At Cross, our team works with a number of providers such as Brooks Instrument to offer an industry leading variety of products and solutions. This ensures you have the options you need working with one vendor, Cross. Keep your project simplified, yet find the best solutions from the best providers.

Brooks Instrument Resources, News and Events

As we aim to help our customers find the best products and solutions for their processes, we work with our providers every day to ensure you have the most up to date information to make the right purchasing decisions. Take a look at the latest resources we have compiled from Brooks Instrument.

Brooks Instrument Resource High Turndown Ratio on SLA Series Biotech The Brooks Instrument mass flow controller model SLA Biotech features a 250:1 turndown ratio.  This helps your bioprocess by: Improving bioprocess performance: Reduces DO noise Reducing cost of ownership: Requires less mass flow controllers Improves reliability: Simplifies maintenance Watch the video from Brooks to learn …

How does 250:1 turndown help your bioprocess? Read More »

Brooks Instrument Resource Brooks Instrument White-paper: Using Digital MFC Capabilities to Improve Bioprocessing Results This whitepaper from Brooks Instrument highlights the benefits if using MFC capabilities in the biomanufacturing process. Did you know at the heart of every bioreactor is a thermal mass flow controller managing the gasses necessary for cellular metabolism? The performance of …

Using Digital MFC Capabilities to Improve Bioprocessing Results Read More »

At Cross, we value education as it is a foundation for ensuring the next generation of talent can work to further improve upon practices and solutions in place now. With a focus on the future, we are proud to promote the Brooks Instrument Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship to help young engineers on a path to success.

Take a look at the Brooks Instrument website for more details about the scholarship, and contact a Cross team member if you know anyone interested in an application.

Contact a Cross team member to learn more about the benefits of implementing a Brooks Instrument product into your process.