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Inspection Services

Cross Inspection Services

Formerly J.A. King, the precision measurement group at Cross offers a full-line of ISO 17025 Accredited inspection services. This includes first article inspection (FAI), quality inspection, dimensional inspection, and many other inspection services. Whether you don’t have the time, the equipment, or the capability, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs. We are also able to provide impartial third-party evaluation services to our customers who require them.

Our inspection team has over 40 years of experience providing a variety of physical and dimensional inspection services. At Cross Precision Measurement, we always aim to use the highest-quality equipment with the most experienced technicians to provide the most accurate results possible for all of our customers.

All contract inspection services are offered with optimal turnaround time, exceptional quality, and world-class customer service. We utilize a wide variety of NIST traceable equipment at multiple inspection laboratories throughout our network to offer the most comprehensive inspection services possible.

Experts in Measurement and Inspection

Starting in 1939, the inspection and metrology experts at Cross Precision Measurement have been a trusted provider of a range of inspection, calibration, and repair services to many operations in the industrial world. From process facilities to commercial production, Cross has the expertise and experience to provide the services you need with a turnaround time you can appreciate.

Our expert inspection technicians are able to provide onsite inspection services, quality audits, capability analysis, and in-lab inspections in our network of state-of-the-art calibration laboratories.

These inspection services coupled with our measurement expertise has set Cross Precision Measurement apart from many others in the industry. And it’s also why so many operations and manufacturers rely on Cross as their primary industrial inspection service provider.

If these sound like services that would benefit your operation, plant, or facility, we’d love to talk with you. Contact a Cross expert today to begin the process.

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Quality Inspection Services

We offer a full range of inspection services, calibration services, testing services, and precision measurement products to all of our customers. We want your operation to be running as smoothly (and as accurately) as possible.

Simply put, professional product inspection services for industrial manufacturers is something many facilities can’t do without. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, these are the services that allow many production facilities to stand out from the competition.

Whether you need onsite inspection services or laboratory inspection services, we have you covered. Our network of labs are ISO 17025 accredited and able to account for a range of parameters that may be necessary for your facility.

If you’re looking for reliable, repeatable calibration services from a reputable calibration company, your search is over. Contact Cross Precision Measurement today to schedule your next inspection service

First article inspection (or FIA) is a critical part of the manufacturing process for many operations. Many consumers require parts to be within specified tolerances to ensure consistency of production. We can make sure your production is up to those standards and your process stays competitive.

First Article Inspection→

Not only are we able to provide inspection services in our laboratories, we can also bring inspection services directly to you. Whether it’s for heavy assemblies, measurements that must be performed in-situ, or transportation concerns, Cross can provide on-site dimensional inspections.

Onsite Dimensional Inspection Services→

Production Part Approval Process for automotive suppliers provided by Cross Precision Measurement. Ensure that your requests are understood, your process is capable of performing a conforming product, that your product meets any necessary requirements, and much more.

PPAP Submission Services→

Capability studies are performed to evaluate production processes to ensure they’re meeting certain requirements or standards. At Cross, we have a team of experienced specialists able to provide process capability analysis. That way you always know whether your process is where you need it to be.

Process Capability Analysis→

Removal of damaged or deficient components is a large part of production for high-quality products. Improper quality control can lead to loss of customer trust and long-term loss of revenue. At Cross, we work with CMMs, measurement arms, optical comparators, and many other tools to ensure that your quality sorting is accurate and efficient.

Quality Sorting Services→

Roundness measurement (or circularity measurement) is another important service for many manufacturers offered by Cross Precision Measurement. Our technicians have years of experience in ensuring parts are within tolerances. And we can provide that same service to you, as well.

Roundness Measurement→

Surface Roughness Testing equipment and inspection services from the metrology experts at Cross. When you’re working with precise measurements within tight tolerances, you need to be able to trust your surface roughness readings.

Surface Roughness Measurement→

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Add Surface Profile Measurement (GD&T) Services

In the manufacturing process, many products require components crafted with extreme precision. This can be difficult to achieve in the case of highly complex surfaces. Luckily, there are ways of achieving this high level of accuracy with Cross Precision Measurement services.

Through utilizing Surface Profile Measurement (or Profile of a Surface), we can measure the profile of a component or part’s surface in accordance with a CAD model or an engineering drawing. This allows us to control slight changes in the component’s surface through using a virtual surface and working from that.

Profile of a surface can be used to replace form controls (flatness, cylindricity, circularity, and straightness), orientation controls (parallelism, perpendicularity, and angularity), and create a 3-dimensional equivalent of line profile tolerances.

At Cross Precision Measurement, we can add profile of a surface services to any existing inspection process we’re performing for your operation. It can easily be integrated with a number of other inspection services and performed to ensure your components are as close to model as possible (while also increasing manufacturing speed). Contact us today to learn more or to add surface profile measurement (profile of a surface) services to your next inspection.

Are You Sure Your Readings Are Accurate?

Being able to trust your readings is a necessary component to a successful production process. If your readings are off, you could be losing valuable time and money without realizing it. That’s where Cross Inspection services come in.

We work with all of our customers individually to design custom inspection services based on their unique needs and production processes. No matter what you’re producing, you need to be able to rely on your process and your products. Cross Inspection services for manufacturers is designed to provide just that. With Cross, you can trust your readings and your product.

Accurate Analytics

High Quality Control

Onsite Inspection Services

Laboratory Testing

Custom Inspections

Third-Party Evaluations

See How Our Precision Measurement Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk In Your Operation

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Since 1939, the precision measurement professionals at J.A. King have been your trusted measurement partner; providing accuracy, reliability, and efficiency to let you focus on what you do best. That same team is now the Precision Measurement Group at Cross. Learn more.

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Why Cross Precision Measurement?

At Cross, we’ve worked with countless manufacturers and in many industrial environments providing repeatable calibration services, reliable inspection services, trustworthy testing services, and a variety of other precision measurement/metrology products and inventory. And we’ve been able to provide all of that year after year to all of our customers.

Our goal is to always provide the best value to our customers and their end users. And the best way to do that is to provide our customers with the tools they need for success. Whether that’s embedded calibration services, environmental testing, or measuring instrumentation.

Check out our other services or contact a precision measurement expert at Cross to get started today.

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Did you know... the precision measurement group at Cross was founded in 1939 by our current CEO's grandfather, Jim King. That's a whole lot of calibration!
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Did you know… Cross Company has grown significantly since our start in 1954. Over the years we've acquired 26 companies! Today, our five groups have expertise in everything from industrial automation to precision measurement, and industry knowledge going all the way back to 1939.