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Start-Up and Commissioning

Cross Company Start-Up And Commissioning

From the first conversation between your team and ours, we make every consideration to ensure the long term success of your project. We don’t just sell you a product, we make sure it’s up and running within your system.

After working with our team to specify the right equipment for your process application, our engineers can visit your site and work with you to ensure your equipment is running correctly in your system. In addition, our engineers have years of experience working with equipment in a wide range of applications, so we can help train your plant personnel on configuration, start-up, and basic maintenance.

At Cross Company Process Solutions, we’ve worked with a wide range of operations and in dozens of different industries. From legacy migrations to greenfield installations, we can provide the support you need to succeed.

Working With You to Ensure Smooth Transitions

When it comes to process manufacturing facilities, the transition from construction to operation is a critical phase. This is where the equipment, processes, and systems all come together. And it’s crucial that at this juncture, everything operates as intended.

No matter what phase of the startup or commissioning process you’re in, we’re committed to ensuring the long-term success of your project. We don’t just provide the equipment you need, either. We work with you for equipment configuration, loop checks, field troubleshooting, NIST-traceable calibration, and even asset management or data storage (if applicable).

We have extensive experience with process facilities within a myriad of industries. And we can work directly with you as an extension of your own team to ensure you’re set up for success.

Implementation of flow meters is a necessary part of flow management. These meters need to be installed optimally to ensure correct readings (which ensures efficient operations). Our experts have the experience and expertise to make sure that happens.

Flow Meter Startup and Commissioning →

Not only are gas detectors necessary for monitoring the efficiency of your process, they can also save lives. In process facilities, the top consideration is always safety. That’s why it’s so important to work with professionals to ensure your safety equipment like gas detectors is installed correctly.

Gas Detector Startup and Commissioning →

Creating Efficient Commissioning Processes

There are several stages to the process facility commissioning process. Generally, this includes pre-commissioning, the commissioning itself, and the actual startup. When you partner with Cross Company, we’ll work with you every step of the way.


This can include installation, equipment inspection, unit checks against designs, flushing, cleaning, pressure testing, functional testing, and simulations. It’s a critical phase for ensuring that all components and systems are ready for commissioning.


Commissioning involves daily on-site decisions. This includes attention to risk-taking, deviation management, financial control, and adapting to changes in the plant. In this stage, it’s necessary to work with a dedicated commissioning team like Cross Company.

Startup and Post-Commissioning

The initial period of operation following commissioning is an equally important phase. This involves determining ease of operation, if additional equipment is needed, checking for deterioration, and the transfer of “as-commissioned” documentation.

fixed gas detector installation

Process Start-Up And Commissioning Services

At Cross Company, we can provide a wide range of industrial facility commissioning and start-up services. Some of those services include

  • Equipment Configuration
  • Loop check
  • Field troubleshooting
  • NIST-traceable calibration
  • Asset management data storage (if applicable)

We also specialize in a range of equipment, including

  • Flow meters
  • Gas detection equipment
  • Steam measurement equipment
  • Analytical and instrumentation equipment

We can also offer quarterly and annual maintenance and calibration contracts if it’s more convenient to outsource the care and upkeep of your new equipment.

Contact a Cross team member to start a discussion about how our start-up and commissioning can benefit your operation!

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Start-up and Commissioning?

Start-up and commissioning services are essential for the successful transition of process manufacturing facilities from construction to operation. The complexities and challenges involved in facility commissioning require careful planning, expert oversight, and a commitment to safety and reliability.

At Cross Company’s Process Solutions Group, we offer comprehensive start-up and commissioning services to ensure that your project operates smoothly and efficiently from day one. Our experienced engineers, calibration services, and ongoing maintenance contracts are designed to keep your equipment running optimally for the long term.

Contact a Cross team member today to start a discussion about how our start-up and commissioning services can benefit your operation. We’re dedicated to your success, from the initial conversation to the long-term operation of your facility.

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