100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

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A common trend in the industrial automation and robotics industries is that people are looking for electric alternatives to their pneumatic components. This can be seen with – but not limited to – electric robotic grippers, electromechanical cylinders, and linear actuators. Many of pneumatic end effector manufacturers are starting to venture into the world of …

5 Reasons to Switch From Pneumatic to Electromechanical Actuators Read More »

Pneumatic Proportional Control with Actuator Position Feedback When infinite position adjustability of an actuator through its entire range of motion is required, many people have become accustomed to looking at servo-electric solutions first. This is often the best choice, but in some cases, a pneumatic solution can be more cost-effective overall. One of our customers recently …

Pneumatic Proportional Control with Actuator Position Feedback Read More »

Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution: Applications in Automation and Motion Control The terms accuracy, repeatability, and resolution can be found on the spec sheets of many engineered products. They are often misunderstood, used interchangeably, or just plain confused. This can cause products to be incorrectly specified and, in many cases, over-designed for an application.  Let’s take a …

Accuracy, repeatability and resolution in automation applications Read More »

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