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UL508A Control Panel Design & Integration

Custom Control Panel Design and Specification

In June of 2012, Cross Company became a UL 508A certified panel shop. Our team offers complete design and build services for a variety of control panels for the manufacturing industry.

With our extensive expertise in control panels, electrical systems, and UL 508A requirements, Cross can be your trusted partner in creating safe, reliable, and compliant control panels based on the needs of your facility.

When it comes to electrical control panels, safety and compliance are of paramount importance. To meet UL 508A standards, the construction, performance, and safety requirements of the industrial control panel must be top-notch. This ensures that your control panel meets the necessary criteria for proper operation, protection against electrical hazards, and adherence to industry best practices. So when you get your control panel design and specifications from Cross Process Solutions, you know you’re getting a quality, reliable, and compliant product.

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What Is UL 508A?

UL 508A certification provides the inspection authority and the customer evidence that control panels comply with nationally recognized safety standards. These standards ensure safety, and provide assurances that the electrical control panel is compliant with national and local electrical codes.

UL 508A certifications are subject to periodic unannounced inspections of facilities by UL personnel. Through periodic audits, UL can ensure that processes continue to meet the UL requirements for 508A certification.

For a control panel to carry the UL 508A listing mark, the panel must contain only UL recognized and listed components. The UL mark on a component means that UL has evaluated and tested samples of this component and has concluded that they meet the UL requirements. This protects the quality and integrity of the enclosure and provides evidence of safe performance.

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Why Is UL 508A Necessary?

The UL Mark is one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world. It means that a not-for-profit, independent laboratory has tested samples of our products to safety requirements. It’s your assurance of conformity to a recognized standard to provide quality panels.

At Cross Company, we combine our technical expertise and industry knowledge to design and spec UL508A compliant control panels that meet the specific needs of your application. That means you know your panels will meet any necessary regulatory compliance requirements while also being able to meet the needs of your process or process application.

Our team of experts closely collaborate with you to understand your application requirements, safety considerations, and overall process. We take into account your electrical system to determine optimal panel design. We also adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure accurate wiring, proper connections, and adherence to all UL508A guidelines.

Meet compliance requirements

Ensure safety in your workplace

Protect your operators and equipment

Achieve optimal performance

Meet your application needs

Benefits of UL 508A Custom Control Panels

There are many benefits to utilizing Cross for your UL 508A control panel specification or design. Some of these benefits include


UL 508A compliance ensures your control panel is designed with safety as a top priority. This reduces the risk of potential electrical hazards while also enhancing the safety of both your personnel and your equipment.


Through following UL 508A guidelines, our control panels are designed to deliver reliable and consistent performance. We achieve this through high-quality components, proper wiring/design, and thorough testing.


UL 508A certified custom control panels are designed for optimal efficiency. We take into account factors such as energy consumption, power distribution, and component selection to maximize performance and efficiency.

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What Cross Can Offer Your Operation

We are a certified UL 508A panel and integration shop with a team that brings extensive experience and quality to our panel projects. Our engineering expertise enables us to build highly sophisticated, fully-integrated PLC/HMI-based systems for a variety of applications. UL 508A certification means that inspectors conduct periodic checks of our facilities to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. Our range of projects includes:

  • Access Control Panels
  • Starter Control Panels
  • DC or AC Drive Panels
  • Disconnect Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Instrumentation Panels
  • Motor Control Panels
  • OEM Panels
  • Operator Interface Panels
  • PLC Panels for all manufacture
  • Pump Panels
  • Relay Panels
  • VFD panels
  • DCS panels for all manufactures

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross UL 508A Control Panel Design and Specification?

If you’re looking for UL 508A certified control panel design and specification, you’ve come to the right place. At Cross Company Process Solutions, we apply our technical expertise, strategic brand partnerships with leading manufacturers, and commitment to safety and compliance to every panel we design. That’s how we’re able to consistently deliver high-quality control panels that meet the unique requirements and industry standards of our customers and partners.

Contact our team of experts today to discuss your project needs, receive expert guidance, and discover how our UL 508A compliant control panel design services can enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your electrical systems.

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