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Valmet is a manufacturer of flow control solutions proven in a wide range of industrial applications. Their comprehensive portfolio includes industry leading technologies by product brands such as Neles™, Jamesbury™, Stonel™, and Flowrox™.

Cross Company is proud to be a long time partner with Valmet. As a Channel Partner, we offer priemier brands including; Neles™, Jamesbury™, Stonel™, and Flowrox™ throughout several territories in the U.S. Take a look at what each brand has to offer and contact a Cross Company process controls expert to determine which Valmet solutions are right for your process.

Certified Valmet Partner

Cross Company is proud to be a Certified Valmet partner for Neles™, Jamesbury™, Flowrox™, Stonel™ and Valvcon™ products. Contact our team to learn more about our exclusive distributorships with leading brands such as Valmet.

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Designed to perform – Neles product and service portfolio is built on over 65 years of remarkable, industry-shaping innovations.


Premium performance Jamesbury™ solutions offer improved process efficiency and safety on proven and value-driven designs. Jamesbury solutions combine a wide range of valves, valve automation solutions services that exceed customer expectations for performance, value and availability.


Flowrox™ solutions entail more than 45 years of experience in flow and process control and elastomer technology. Flowrox™ valves and pumps are designed for demanding process conditions in a variety of process industries, especially in the mining, minerals processing, metallurgy, construction, energy, environment, and chemical industries.


Improve process performance and reduce total life cycle costs by integrating your automated valves. Stonel brand valve communication and control products, along with networking components, enable you to take advantage of proven, field-based digital communication technologies to minimize total life cycle cost.


 Offering a complete line of electric actuators for accurate positioning of dampers and valves in the aerospace, automotive, consumer services, discrete manufacturing, energy, environmental, oil/pipeline, petrochemical, power/utilities, process, recreation, transportation, and water/wastewater industries.

Valmet Analyzers and Measurements

Valmet’s consistency products are based on over 50 years of proven technology.  They are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement under all conditions, including harsh environments.  They products cover all applications in the pulp and paper industries and include:


Consistency Measurement

Conductivity Measurement

Wastewater Measurement

Boiler Diagnostic Systems

Available In The Following Areas

With an extensive background in a variety of industries, Cross has relationships with a number of leading brands, including exclusive distributorships in some areas. We are proud to offer Valmet in the following areas:


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Consistency Measurement

Conductivity Measurement

Wastewater Measurement

Boiler Diagnostics Systems

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