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Automated Machine Tending

Cross Machine Tending Automation

Robotic machine tending is one of the most common applications for collaborative robots (cobots) in the industry. Tending robots paired with machine tending automation are rapidly becoming a leading means of increasing production speed and accuracy, leading to better production processes, safer workers, and a more impressive bottom line.

Cross has helped numerous customers implement turn-key machine tending solutions to increase efficiency and redirect human labor to more desirable, higher value tasks. This optimization of production processes is just one of the many benefits of robotic machine tending provided by Cross Automation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the machine tending solutions Cross can provide for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Contact a Cross team member today and we’ll work directly with you to determine the best course of action to implement CNC tending robots and industrial automation applications.

Robotic Machine Tending Applications

Machine tending robots are typically able to produce a very quick return on investment. Cross has expertise tending a wide range of industrial machinery, including CNC, press brakes, injection molders, and laser etchers (just to name a few).

Cross automated machine tending robots are available in mobile or fixed configurations depending on your unique application needs, personnel, and production process.

If you’re looking for a machine tending automation company with documented results, you’ve come to the right place. Cross Automation has become a well-known name in many industries due to the value we provide to our customers. And we can provide that value to you, too.

The Cross Automated Machine Tending solution is designed to operate a CNC machine tending without constant manual operator interaction. In today’s tight labor market, it’s increasingly difficult to find workers and keep them in repetitive, dull jobs. With a quick ROI period, this solution frees up these workers to do more complicated tasks that can’t be done through automation.

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The Cross Automated Press Brake Tending solution is designed to operate a press brake without constant manual operator interaction. In today’s tight labor market, it’s increasingly difficult to find workers and keep them in repetitive, dull jobs. With a quick ROI period, this solution frees up these workers to do more complicated tasks that can’t be done through automation.

Press Brake Tending →

The Cross automated quality inspection tending solution is designed to step in with repetitive task management in your inspection process, eliminating the need for constant manual operator interaction. Utilizing a colaborative robot with force sensors, our solution works with dimensional inspection equipment to improve throughput for parts inspection.

Quality Inspection Tending →

Benefits of Industrial Automation

There are a number of benefits inherent in implementing industrial automation in your workplace, including automating machine tending. Through many of our integrations, we’ve seen huge improvements in day-to-day production processes from simply automating one component of a production line. And that’s proved to us that even implementing small automation applications leads to substantial improvements across the production process as a whole.

It’s impossible to ignore the effects industrial automation has had on the manufacturing industry. As more and more companies begin to adopt automation solutions for production processes, the effects are becoming more and more apparent.

Shifting from manual manufacturing methods to integrated automated systems leads to a reduction in manufacturing costs, a relatively quick return on investment, and an increased quality of work for employees. That quality of work can take the form of a safer workplace with employees not having to perform mindless, monotonous tasks that can lead to repetitive motion injury or poor quality control.

Manufacturers are adopting greater amounts of industrial automation by the day. Keep your business competitive, safe, and productive with Cross Automation.

Some of the benefits we’ve seen of integrating automation into production processes are:

Increased Production Rates

Higher Productivity Overall

Less Time and Material Waste

Improved Quality Control

Greater Workplace Safety

More Efficient Worker Utilization

Robotic Automation Solutions

The right machine tending robot solution integrated by an expert automation company has the potential to completely reoptimize your current production process. Whether your need is in sand casting, small parts assembly, CNC tending, press brake tending, or just machining, there is a role for industrial automation in your process.

In today’s competitive marketplace, leading manufacturers need efficient production processes. That means eliminating potential bottlenecks, many of which take the form of workers performing repeated action tasks like palletizing, sorting, or tending. Tasks which would be perfectly suited for industrial automation.

Our machine tending robotic solutions are customizable and integratable. Meaning that they’re able to fit into your production line or industrial process without significant disruption. And that they’re able to be configured to work with your production layout and flow. At Cross, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the solution that our customers need. And with our automated robotic machine tending applications, we’re able to do just that. Contact Cross Automation today and we’ll begin developing a plan to make your production process work for you.

Sand Casting

Small Parts Assembly

CNC Tending

Press Brake Tending

Injection Molding


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Collaborative Robot Application Complexity Calculator

How complex is your process? If you aren’t sure whether or not your team is equipped to deploy a cobot on your own, our complexity calculator will help you determine how difficult it may be.

Why Cross Automation?

There’s a reason so many businesses in the industrial world use Cross as their primary automation supplier. Simply put, when you combine quality with expertise, you get excellence. And that excellence is the experience we aim to deliver to all of our customers, whether they need a full machine tending automation integration or any of our other automation services.

As an industrial automation company, we also make it our business to stay ahead of industry trends. When industries start changing, we start changing. We’ve also found that staying ahead of those changes is one of the best ways for manufacturers to set themselves apart in competitive industries.

Working with Cross Automation is a commitment to progress, quality, and expertise. We’ve provided unbeatable automation, world-class customer service, and industry-leading expertise to many, many operations. And we can do it for you, too.

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