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Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment for Automation Applications

Cross Company is committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied with the products you purchase from us. Inevitably, over the lifespan of your product, something will go wrong. Our repair and refurbishment services can get you back up and running as efficiently as possible, saving you both money and time.

When something does go wrong, Cross works with you to determine the issue and whether it may qualify for a warranty claim. If it does, we can help process the claim, coordinating with the many different industry-leading manufacturers we represent.

If it does not appear to qualify for a warranty, we can help you do the repair/replace cost analysis to determine if a repair by the manufacturer is economic and sensible or if it is more cost effective to purchase a new part. Should your product be obsolete, we can recommend a replacement product. For more on this, please visit our Obsolescence page.

At Cross, we’re dedicated to your success. No matter the issue you’re having with your automation components, we’ll work directly with you to find the best resolution.

Understanding Automation Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and refurbishment services for automation equipment encompasses fixing, restoring, or enhancing your industrial equipment and its components. This service is performed to combat issues like equipment failure, wear and tear, suboptimal performance, obsolescence, and many others. By taking advantage of Cross Automation’s repair and refurbishment services, operations can extend equipment lifespans, increase reliability, and mitigate the costs of expensive replacement parts.

Our experienced engineers and technicians conduct a thorough analysis of your existing systems and equipment to identify the root cause of any problems that are arising with production. Once we understand the problems, we can work with you to replace faulty components, restore equipment functionality, and optimize machine performance.

Our refurbishment for automation equipment services provides options to enhance overall performance and productivity capabilities of your automation equipment. This can involve replacing outdated/inefficient parts with newer, more cutting-edge components. Or it can involve implementation of automation software optimized for your production needs.

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Cross Company's Repair and Refurbishment Services

At Cross, we’re able to offer a comprehensive range of refurbishment and repair services for industrial automation equipment and components. Some of these services include

Component-level repairs – Our technicians and engineers are often able to address issues in single components such as circuit boards, motors, drives, or sensors. We have the expertise and experience necessary to perform necessary repairs to restore the functionality of your automation components.

Full equipment refurbishment – We can enhance the productivity of your equipment through refurbishment services, extending equipment lifespan and optimizing performance. This can involve upgrading outdated components, implementing new automation software, or improving systems integration.

Industry-leading partnerships – We maintain strong relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, meaning we can provide cutting-edge components and equipment to all of our customers. This helps expedite the repair or refurbishment process while ensuring you’re getting the best value for your operation.

Benefits of Repair and Refurbishment Services

There are many benefits for your operation when it comes to repair and refurbishment services for industrial automation equipment. Some of these include

Cost Savings

Performing repairs or refurbishments on equipment is often more cost effective than scrapping an entire system and replacing it entirely. You can avoid these high costs by working with Cross Company

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Through repair and refurbishment, operations can extend the operations lifespan of automation equipment. By addressing issues quickly, equipment failure can be minimized and ROI maximized

Reduced Downtime

Downtime can be significantly reduced with repair and refurbishment services. This is done by providing timely and efficient solutions to potential equipment problems, preventing production disruptions

Is Automation Right for Your Process?

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Why Cross Repair and Refurbishment?

Working with Cross Company for your automation services can provide your business with the expertise, tools, and support you need to optimize productivity and throughput in an increasingly competitive manufacturing marketplace. From application engineering to repair to training services for industrial or commercial robots, Cross is able to provide the automation services your operation needs to succeed. And when you succeed, we succeed.

By leveraging the automation services provided by Cross Company, businesses and manufacturers can increase efficiency, reliability, throughput, and productivity. And through ease of integration, we’re also able to provide the automation services you need without significant disruption to production.

Through our commitment to our customer’s success and reputation to world-class customer service, Cross has become a trusted partner to countless businesses in the industrial and commercial worlds. And with our automation services, we’re able to help those businesses reach their full potential and compete in a modern marketplace. Contact us today to learn more or to start the process.

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