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Testing and Quality

Cross Testing and Quality Solutions

Ensuring that your product meets the appropriate quality and testing standards is critical in manufacturing. Traditionally, this is a task set aside for humans. However, if you have high throughput or even want to check 100% of your product before it leaves your facility, keeping up with a human workforce can be difficult.

Enter Cross Automation. Our team has developed automated solutions that can handle product testing and quality inspection quickly and efficiently.

At Cross, we understand the importance of accuracy, speed, and reliability when it comes to product testing and quality assurance. That’s why we have developed a range of customized automated solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers throughout various industries.

Product Testing and Quality Assurance Success

In the ever-changing world of manufacturing, making sure your products meet strict quality and testing standards is paramount. This is where testing and quality automation provide tangible value to operations.

At Cross, we can work with you to develop an innovative automation solution that streamlines product testing and the quality inspection processes. Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge technologies that enable swift and efficient testing, ensuring your products meet the appropriate standards every time.

As the manufacturing industry moves more and more in the direction of automation, these repetitive tasks are often the first things looked at when analyzing efficiency. Maximize your efficiency with turnkey automation solutions.

The antenna position control system from Cross offers a key example of how our Device Under Test Positioning System can be utilized for specific applications. Antenna positioning or pointing systems require precision control to reliably and accurately hit, or track, their intended target.

Antenna Position Control System →

The Cross Compressed Air Flow Monitor is a self contained flow monitor that measures peak flow rate and total volume of compressed air consumed. It’s very simple to use and setup with just one air input and one air output, just connect it inline with your machine air supply, supply power, and it’s ready to go.

Cross Compressed Air Flow Monitor →

Utilizing custom test equipment can help you reduce risk by eliminating the opportunity for human error in your process. Also, because data is collected automatically, you know that the data you are using to make manufacturing decisions is reliable.

Custom Test Machines →

The motion control experts at Cross Company have streamlined this application by designing a standard but configurable DUT Positioning System using industrial grade controls and mechanics.

Device Under Test Position Control System →

Automated Solutions for Product Testing and Quality Inspection

At Cross, we understand the importance of speed, accuracy, and reliability in the realms of product testing and quality assurance. That’s why we developed a wide range of customized automation solutions to ensure that your products meet the desired standards every time. No matter your industry, we’ll work directly with you to try and develop a solution that provides tangible value and repeatable results.

Our team is able to design and provide custom test machines tailored to your specific requirements. These machines are equipped with advanced sensors, precision controls, and intuitive interfaces, allowing for seamless integration into your existing production process. With our custom test machines, you’re able to perform a wide range of tests (including functional, performance, and reliability testing) with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

If these sound like solutions that would benefit your operation, we’d love to hear about it. Contact one of our experts today to get the process started.

Quick results

Accurate product testing

Reliable equipment and results

Seamless integration

Wide range of testing

Repeatable results

Benefits of Cross Testing and Quality Solutions

By leveraging the testing and quality solutions from Cross Company Automation, you can gain many benefits for your manufacturing operation. Some of the tangible benefits Cross can offer your facility include

Improved Consistency

Precise and accurate automation eliminates the potential for human error. This yields consistent and reliable test results. By removing the variability of manual testing, you can be confident that your product evaluations are accurate.

Enhanced Testing Coverage

With efficient automation comes the ability to handle higher volumes and perform tests more quickly. Automated systems also enable comprehensive testing coverage, allowing you to inspect a higher percentage of your products.

Greater Adaptability

Cross Automation understands that every industry and manufacturing process is unique. That’s why we work directly with all our customers to create customizable and adaptable automation solutions that can fit your specific requirements.

Testing and Quality 1

Is Automation Right for Your Process?

Answer a few simple questions and find out! We’ll send a copy of your inputs to help build the case for automation, and determine ROI for automating parts of your operation.

Why Cross Testing and Quality?

Within manufacturing, meeting standards for quality and testing is a critical aspect of compliance and end-user satisfaction. In addition, it provides your operation with a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly-competitive industrial marketplace. At Cross, we want to provide you with the tools and support you need to maintain that competitive advantage.

Cross Automation offers a range of automated solutions designed to revolutionize product testing and quality assurance. Through our custom test machines, compressed airflow monitors, antenna position control systems, and device under test position control systems, we empower your manufacturing processes with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Partner with Cross Automation to unlock the full potential of automated testing and quality inspection in your industry.

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