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Automation Solutions

Cross Automation Solutions

As an automation system integrator, Cross’s complete solutions combine a mix of physical products or components, services, or technical expertise, into a unique offering for our customers.

Sometimes, an off-the-shelf product isn’t what’s needed to fully optimize your manufacturing process. And other times, a single service won’t cut it if it’s an entire system that needs an upgrade. That’s where Cross Company’s Automation solutions come in. Our full solutions take into account every part of a complex system to devise a comprehensive response to any problems you may be having in production. Whether it’s increasing throughput, creating greater efficiency, or implementing more redundancy to reduce downtime, we have the expertise and experience to help.

The Cross automation team has years of experience working in a variety of applications to develop solutions using robotic automation, pneumatics and electro-mechanical motion control. Take a look below to browse a list of the complete solutions from our automation group.

Comprehensive Solutions for Manufacturers

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, industrial automation plays a critical role in driving efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness across industries. At Cross Automation, we’re at the forefront of providing modern, cutting-edge automation solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers, no matter the specific industry or sector.

Within automation, a full solution encompasses a wide range of technologies, industrial processes, and other systems. All with the goal of automating and optimizing tasks, throughput, and workflows. By implementing a Cross Automation solution into your existing manufacturing process, you have the capability to streamline operations, improve accuracy, reduce costs over time, and optimize overall performance.

Through leveraging technologies such as automated material handling, machine tending, IIoT, and many others, industrial operations can achieve a significant increase in efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness in their respective markets.

Whether you are measuring in process on the production floor or in the quality lab, sometimes an off-the-shelf product just doesn’t gather the data that you need. A custom measurement solution from Cross can help. We design easy to use, elegantly simple machines which are ergonomically correct and highly accurate.

Automated Custom Measurement →

Our automated machine tending solutions create a direct handshake between the machine and the robot, so they are perfectly synched to quickly and accurately load and/or unload the machine. If you are looking to automate either press brake or CNC machine tending, check out what Cross Company can offer your operation.

Automated Machine Tending →

From material handling robots to robots for packaging, Cross can help automate dull, repetitive tasks so you can use your human labor on higher value activities.

Automated Packaging And Material Handling →

Cross palletizing solutions aim to eliminate workers from doing repetitive bending and lifting tasks that can lead to workplace injuries. This allows workers to be more efficiently utilized for more mission-critical tasks while reducing the risk of ergonomic injury.

Automated Palletizing Robots →

When carrying out quality checks or lifecycle testing, each test needs to be exactly the same as the one before, possibly thousands of times. Humans add variation to the process. An automated testing solution from Cross improves repeatability and efficiency in the quality assurance process.

Automated Testing And Quality →

For operations with repetitive welding processes, both big and small, automated welding serves many benefits. A high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source along with the precision of a collaborative robot complement each other perfectly.

Welding →

Benefits of Cross Company's Automation Solutions

There are many benefits to implementing automation solutions in your industrial operation. Whether you’re looking for increased productivity, cost reduction, greater accuracy, enhanced safety, or looking to future-proof with greater scalability and flexibility, Cross has a solution for you.

Automation solutions are often able to eliminate manual or repetitive tasks (for instance, automated palletizing). By automating this process, operations are able to allocate resources more efficiently by freeing up workers who would otherwise be palletizing all day long to work on more business-critical tasks. They also streamline workflows, reduce labor costs overall, and minimize operational expenses through automation for resource-intensive tasks. Both of these benefits let your operation optimize resource allocation and save money in the long run. These solutions also remove humans from hazardous or physically straining tasks, which improves safety conditions and minimizes workplace-related injury.

Further, automation solutions offer your facility scalability and flexibility. This allows your operation to adapt to changing market demands and to scale as needed. Flexibility like this is a critical component in future-proofing your facility and setting yourself apart in the market.

Increased efficiency

Optimized productivity

Greater throughput

Improved accuracy

Higher quality assurance

Enhanced scalability and flexibility

Why Cross Automation Solutions?

At Cross, our automation solutions for industrial manufacturers and other operations combine cutting-edge automation technologies, domain expertise, and a customer-focused approach to deliver custom solutions designed to address unique challenges faced by different industries. Our team of automation experts will work with you directly to understand the specific needs and goals of your operation. Then design custom solutions that drive tangible results.

Custom automation solutions are able to transform industrial operations by enabling them to achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. And our expertise in creating those solutions spans across industries. Meaning no matter what you produce, Cross Automation can empower your operation to streamline production, reduce cost, improve quality, and enhance safety.

Through our industry expertise and world-class customer service, we can help you stay ahead of the curve through automation. Our automation solutions help you create a more optimized, sustainable, scalable, and technologically advanced production environment to set yourself apart. Contact one of our experts today to get started and to learn more about the value Cross Company Automation can provide.

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