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Mobile Equipment Electrification Components

As a mobile machine OEM, there are many reasons you might consider using electric actuation to a traditional hydraulic system. It could be simply to satisfy a market demand such as low or no emission requirements, or to take advantage of green power credit initiatives. Perhaps your machine does work in a residential community, and you have noise level requirements that you have to meet. Other factors could include idle mitigation, and perhaps the biggest; fuel economy. Generally speaking, PTO driven hydraulics are 36% less fuel efficient on average than electric drives.

Whatever your reason for considering electric components, Cross Company offers a wide range of equipment. With key partners Zapi Inc. and Omni Powertrain, we have a product that will fit your operating requirements. To learn more about the potential benefits of electrification for your machine and your customers, take a look at our articles: Electronic Steer-by-Wire vs Traditional Mechanical Steering and Avoid Tier IV Requirements Using a Hybrid Drive.

Whatever your reason, consider working with the Cross Mobile Systems Integration team to discuss your project goals, and which electrification products might be the best for your application. In addition, we can provide a complete system design utilizing our team of engineers so that we can help you decide what is the right technology or mix of technologies for your machine.

See how our mobile systems integration team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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