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Mobile Hydraulic System Design

Custom-Built Control Systems

Customized designs for mobile vehicle hydraulic systems is a service we’ve been providing to our customers since 1954. Our Mobile Systems Integration Group has a passion for solving complex challenges as well as the expertise to create fluid power solutions for even the most technical systems.

While our main focus is on mobile work machines and vehicles, we’ve provided high-efficiency custom fluid power solutions to many within the industrial manufacturing market. And we can do it for your hydraulic machine, too.

Our goal is to optimize mobile machine design and performance for OEMs and other manufacturers. With our team of application designers and control engineers, we’re able to create and implement professionally designed solutions to fully optimize the design of your mobile machine.

From custom reservoirs and manifolds to sophisticated closed loop systems, our integration experts can work with your team to develop the perfect solution for your machine. Many OEMs think of Cross as an extension of their own engineering department. In the end, we want you to have the right equipment, right design, and best performance.

Optimizing Your Limited Space System

When you’re a hydraulic system design company, you know space is often at a premium. It’s important to get the components needed into the space allotted. That’s why a crucial component of all our custom vehicle hydraulic system designs is optimizing to fit in the space required.

Our limited space hydraulic systems are designed based on the space allowed by your machine or vehicle. A small and compact machine would necessitate a small and compact hydraulic reservoir design. It’s also important they be able to get rid of any extra heat. While a larger work vehicle would have more space to implement custom systems or industry-specific hydraulic designs.

These are factors we consider when we design custom hydraulic systems for mobile work machines. Our custom designs take into account your space requirements, heat distribution, and power needs. That’s how you get a hydraulic system optimized for your application.

Our System Design Services

When you need your machine to do something specific, we’re here to help. Whether it’s extending out, operating while moving, or moving at precise speeds, we can design a system that will accommodate your needs. We provide

Full Circuit Design

Our Mobile Systems Integration Group has the capacity to design full circuits from start to finish. We can handle pumps, motors, reservoirs, valving, cylinders, and anything else the circuit may require.

Custom Manifolds

We also have years of experience designing custom manifolds to work with your exact systems. When it comes to optimizing builds to fit in the space required, a well-designed manifold is necessary.

Control System Design

Your control system is necessary for operating the machine. But a well-designed control system also boosts efficiency and scalability. Whether you need to control a machine from a distance or from an integrated panel, we can help.

Ensuring Future Industry Success

Our ability to take any of our designs from concept to completion is a key aspect that sets our Mobile Integrations team apart. And we’re able to achieve that by fully testing our machines before releasing them to you or the market.

At our Mobile Technology Center in Greensboro, NC, we’re able to receive your machine, develop a custom solution, and fully test all aspects of it before returning it to your team.

Our Technology Center allows us to design, construct, and implement hydraulic systems all in one place. Whatever your mobile vehicle system needs, we have the means and the expertise to make them a reality.

Concept to Completion

In-House or On-Site Testing

Custom Designed Systems

Remote Integration and Testing

Different vehicles have different requirements. Whether we’re talking about massive earth-movers or a smaller vehicle, they both have one thing in common: a customized hydraulic system.

We make it a point to learn exactly how your mobile system functions and what its intended applications will look like. That way we can design a system optimized for it specifically.

That’s how our Mobile Systems Integration Group is able to create custom-designed and custom-built hydraulic systems for our customers. It’s also how we’re able to design and engineer hydraulic machine systems to completely satisfy the standards of a huge variety of industries.

That’s how we’re a hydraulic system design company that works for you and with you.

hydraulic system design in progress

The Hydraulic System Design Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just Hydraulic System Design. We can also provide the services our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed. Check out our other services and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydraulic system design, as the name implies, involves inspecting a machine and developing a hydraulic system to function optimally within the confines of that machine. This is accomplished through the selecting of properly sized components, analyzing standard operating pressure and flow rate, and sourcing the components to meet the specifications of both the design and the customer.

When designing a hydraulic system for a heavy work vehicle or other mobile application, the first step is to become familiar with the design of the machine itself. When working with vehicles and mobile machines, space is always at a premium. So it’s particularly important to correctly size and design components based on the space available. This allows us to create optimized custom hydraulic systems.

A hydraulic system is one which uses fluid power to drive machinery or move mechanical components. They are made up of hydraulic fluid, pumps, motors, cylinders, and “plumbing” components such as reservoirs, control valves, and accumulators. They also should be designed with system redundancies and fail-safes in the event of overheating, pressure loss, and fluid contamination

hydraulic system control panel

Why Cross Hydraulic System Design?

There’s a reason Cross Mobile Systems Integration has the reputation we do as one of the leading hydraulic system design companies. From small companies to OEMs, we’ve designed and implemented custom hydraulic systems for a wide range of applications.

Our Mobile Technology Center in Greensboro, NC allows us to receive your heavy vehicle or machine, develop our solution, and fully test it before returning it to your team for field testing. Learn more about our Mobile Technology Center.

If you are interested in learning more about Cross Mobile Systems Integration, and would like to discuss your specific system needs, contact a team member today!

See How Our Mobile Systems Integration Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

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