100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Consumer Products Industry Offering

Increase manufacturing efficiency and flexibility

Whether you’re making FMCG or durable goods, there’s more pressure than ever on manufacturers in the consumer product industry to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining enough flexibility to pivot operations when tastes change.  Labor shortages continue to be an issue, too.

Cross’s Automation Group provides a full range of robotic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical solutions for every stage in a production line.  Looking for something turn-key?  We have off-the-shelf options like the robotic palletizer or our machine tending solution.  We also have a full Innovation team which works with you to understand your motion requirements to design a custom solution.  Talk to us about how we can automate tedious tasks to free up manual labor for higher value activities.

Measurement is also a key part of consumer products manufacturing and our precision measurement group has you covered.  From an extensive range of ISO 17025 calibration services to non-destructive and destructive testing, we help you gather measurement data to make smart production decisions and stay compliant.

Need to run a test that is unique to your operation or product?  No problem!  Our engineering group designs custom measurement solutions including fixtures, test rigs and fully integrated 

Providing Tangible Value

  • Improve Efficiency: Increase throughput and free up manual labor with a precisely tailored automation solution for your application.
  • Increase Quality: By automating, Cross gives you the confidence that processes are carried out the same way every single time.
  • Improve Efficiency: Measurement data, whether from calibration, testing or inspection ensures you have the information to optimize your process.
  • Increase Quality: With properly calibrated measurement tools, you’ll be sure that your measurements are accurate and repeatable.

A range of expertise for consumer products industries

No matter which consumer products industry you’re in, from tobacco to firearms to appliances to cosmetics, Cross is here to help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for the consumer product manufacturing and packaging. Take a look at each below:



Complete Solutions

Products for the consumer products industries

Reliable and accurate products maximize your uptime 

Services for the consumer products industries

Keep your process up and running

Complete Solutions for the consumer products industries

When off-the-shelf products won’t work, we design a customized solution for your operation.

Consumer Products Industry Resources

Take a look at all the consumer products industry resources from the experts at Cross.

Whether you make cosmetics, food, medical devices, or power tools you want to guarantee that your product reaches the customer in the same condition that it left your facility. As a manufacturer you go to great lengths to ensure the quality of your product, but unknowingly you could be subjecting your product to damaging conditions …

Shipment Testing – What Happens to Your Product When it Leaves Your Facility? Read More »

Consumer Products Industry News and Events

Take a look at all the consumer product industry news and events from Cross’s vendors

See how we can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk in your operation

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