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Manufacturing automation experts partnering with you to develop innovative solutions backed by world-class customer service.
What Customers Are Saying
"The customer service we receive from Cross is the best in the industry, and we will continue to use Cross as the preferred vendor for every order for which you folks can handle for us. I wish all our vendors were as knowledgeable and professional as you folks. It means a lot to me." - Packaging OEM
What Customers Are Saying
"For the record, Cross is one of the easiest vendors we work with. You get it done and we appreciate it." - Building Materials OEM

Automation Solutions For Industrial Applications

Cross Company Automation provides products, solutions and related services to customers who are automating manual processes and building repeat machines. The collective technology know-how and application expertise in all areas of industrial automation allows us to service end users, machine builders, OEMs, and resellers. Whether it is solutions for pneumatic and mechanical assemblies, robotics, electronic motion control, mechanical assemblies/design, or data acquisition and data management systems; our group of talented engineers is ready and able to help you increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve your quality.

Cross Automation Areas of Focus

Whether your application requires robotics, pneumatics, precise motion control, custom measurements, or a mix off all, the automation group at Cross can help determine and implement the best option for your operation. Our engineers are dedicated to a variety of industrial automation competencies that work together to build solutions that are ideal for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. With years of experience in their respective fields, our team has dedicated expertise so you know you’re getting the best solution, no matter what field of automation the project requires.

Manufacturing automation experts partnering with you to develop innovative solutions backed by world-class customer service.

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