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Motorized Vehicles

Providing Tangible Value for the Motorized Vehicles Industry

At Cross Company, our key value drivers center around customer success. With a focus on innovation, we aim to help our customers grow their businesses. Take a look at how our we provide tangible results for this industry and learn more about our Innovate, Grow, Transform initiative.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce waste and downtime in manufacturing and increase machine efficiency with the latest mobile technology, precisely engineered for your application

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure by ensuring your measurement equipment is correctly calibrated and measuring accurately

Improve Quality

Better measurements yield better products, as does precise, repeatable motion.

Stay Compliant

Motorized vehicle standards, safety guidelines and regulations are always changing. Make sure you can measure and document every part of your process to comply with the latest legislation.
Reduce waste and downtime in manufacturing and increase machine efficiency with the latest mobile technology, precisely engineered for your application
Reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure by ensuring your measurement equipment is correctly calibrated and measuring accurately
Better measurements yield better products, as does precise, repeatable motion.
Motorized vehicle standards, safety guidelines and regulations are always changing. Make sure you can measure and document every part of your process to comply with the latest legislation.

Increasing Machine and Manufacturing Efficiency without Compromising Quality or Compliance

No matter what type of motorized vehicle or component you are manufacturing, the industry has the same driver: innovating to bring a high quality, safe vehicle to market as efficiently as possible. Cross Company has been working with vehicle manufacturers as long as we’ve been in business, helping them to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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Motorized Vehicles Specialties

Within the motorized vehicles industry, our teams specialize in a range of specific applications. Take a look at everything we offer for the motorized vehicles industry.

Success in the motorized vehicles industry depends on bringing high-quality, innovative, and safe vehicles to market as quickly as possible. The industry is highly competitive, and automotive manufacturers face multiple challenges on the road to achieving profitability.

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The Aviation world is in constant motion. It is an industry with a legacy and a future of innovation including the specialized vehicles that make up the “ground support equipment” manufacturing industry. Cross Company has supported this industry for years with innovative hydraulic system designs and more recently, state of the art control systems. Our control systems can be found on mobile belt conveyors, air start units, and remote air conditioning systems at airports worldwide.

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The market for material handling equipment is expanding faster than ever and the machines that are built for it need to be more efficient, reliable and intelligent in order to compete. Whether you’re building forklifts, scissor lifts, industrial trucks or cranes, Cross Company works with the most advanced technologies to optimize your machine. We can provide hydraulic system design, control system design, control panel design and build, electrification, IoT and many other services.

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For over fifty years, Cross Company has been working with mobile agricultural equipment of all types to improve machine performance and efficiency. No matter whether you’re working with the ground or working with livestock, Cross’s Mobile Systems Integration group can help improve your machine. Maybe you have a complete greenfield concept. Maybe you have an older machine you want to automate. Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do but no idea how to get there. No problem at all…our engineers can help!

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The Mobile Hydraulics & Controls Group of Cross Company provides wide range of solutions for mining and excavating applications. Cross offers both standard and custom engineered hydraulic solutions that provide reduced noise levels and high power density to facilitate compact equipment designs along with the performance and durability needed to sustain production operations at peak efficiency.

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Municipalities have a variety of equipment to keep them running, from street sweepers to waste collection vehicles to snow plows. However, all share one common characteristic: you want them out working, not in the garage being worked on. Whether you are building machines for municipal markets or you’re a municipality running them, Cross Company provides the products and services you need to make sure your equipment is up, running and working more efficiently than ever!

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What counts for construction machinery are high-performance drive and control solutions characterized by dependability, economy, robustness, and ease of operation. The Certified Fluid Power Specialists from the Cross Company’s Mobile Systems Integration group work in cooperation with you to design drive and control solutions that work in harmony with one another even under the most demanding conditions.

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Building and upgrading rail equipment is a huge investment in terms of time and resources. These machines don’t come out of the field very often, so they need to have high quality, long lasting parts, combined with intelligent design and engineering. Cross Company can provide motors, hydraulic valves, pumps, hoses and fittings to keep your machinery running as expected. Our engineering services compliment your in-house capabilities and ensure you are building the most efficient and rugged machine on the market.

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Innovative Solutions for Motorized Vehicles

Motorized Vehicles 173

Take a look at the specialty markets we serve in the motorized vehicle industry below.  For all, we have specific products, services and solutions to improve your machines and manufacturing performance.  The Cross Company groups working in motor vehicles are:


Custom and off-the-shelf precision motion solutions

Hose and Fittings

Top quality industrial and hydraulic hose & fittings products and services

Precision Measurement

Precision measurement, calibration and testing services

Mobile Systems Integration

Optimizing mobile machinery with control system design, vehicle electrification and IoT solutions.

Latest Case Studies

Motorized Vehicles 174
Cross Company replaced a secondary power source with an engine-mounted generator to create an electric screed at a competitive price Mauldin Paving Products is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of asphalt paving equipment, based near Greenville, SC. They produce over 200 pieces of equipment per year which are sold throughout…

Motorized Vehicles 175
Cross helps Anderson UnderBridge improve functionality, safety, and efficiency of their equipment Anderson UnderBridge, located in York, SC, is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of equipment used to access the underside of bridges for inspection, repair, and construction. They have partnered with Cross Mobile System Integration on hydraulic and control…

Motorized Vehicles 176
Cross Company Application Note: MiniKrimp Hose Repair for Campbell Crane Cross Hose & Fittings Gets Campbell Crane Up and Running Fast with MiniKrimp When Campbell Crane needed a hose repaired on their crane they called Cross Hose & Fittings in Asheville. They were working on a big job and the…

Motorized Vehicles 177
Cross Mobile Systems Integration Helps Old Dominion Brush Improve Serviceability and Reduce Cost Old Dominion Brush, or ODB, is a manufacturer of debris collectors, leaf vacuum trucks and trailers. ODB initially worked with Cross Mobile Systems Integration (MSI) on a leaf-vac truck project involving a complete hydraulic system and control…


A range of expertise for the motorized vehicle industry

No matter if you’re an automotive Tier 1 supplier, an OEM of agricultural machinery or a tire manufacturer, Cross Company can help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for all types of manufacturing in the motorized vehicle industry. Take a look at each below:



Complete Solutions

Products for Motorized Vehicle Manufacturers

High quality products, precisely specified for your critical applications

Motorized Vehicle Industry Resources

Take a look at these motorized vehicle industry resources from the experts at Cross.

A Guide to Selecting the Right Hydraulic Filter Filtration, whether prioritized or not, is one of the most important components in a hydraulic system and can be the difference in a machine running for 10 years or having expensive component damage within a matter of seconds. Here, we’ll lay out…

Avoid Tier 4 Requirements By Using a Hybrid Drive Environmental awareness, increased safety, and improved efficiency are currently the leading concerns among mobile equipment manufacturers in every industry. Engine electrification in automotive transportation is increasing, but industrial, construction, and agricultural vehicles pose their own specific design and development challenges. Electrification…

Things to Consider When Choosing a Controller for Mobile Equipment What is the best control platform for your mobile machine? For some markets and machines, simple relay logic could be the best. It is easy to troubleshoot, and most people understand this technology. However, this limits your ability to control…

The Benefits of Control Systems on Mobile Machinery https://youtu.be/7SYFvBfV-oE So, you have a choice. Do you design the newest revision of your brush mower using the same old hardwired relay logic that you have always used? Sure, your customers are asking for some more features, but is it worth it…

Motorized Vehicle Industry News and Events

Take a look at all the resources for the mobile equipment manufacturers from Cross’s supplier partners.

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