100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Agricultural Equipment Industry Offering

Hard working equipment needs high quality products and services

For over fifty years, Cross Company has been working with mobile agricultural equipment of all types to improve machine performance and efficiency.  No matter whether you’re working with the ground or working with livestock, Cross’s Mobile Systems Integration group can help improve your machine.  Maybe you have a complete greenfield concept.  Maybe you have an older machine you want to automate.  Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do but no idea how to get there.  No problem at all…our engineers can help!

Each machine we work on is different, with different requirements for the application.  Cross’s engineers work with you to understand the  problem you’re trying to solve on your equipment and then we provide a complete turnkey solution, not just a bill of materials.

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Fruit Harvester

Providing Tangible Value

For the Ag Industry:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce waste with precision motion: Use less fuel, increase speed, use less seed and reduce row overlap by steering straighter and tracking better
  • Reduce the risk of a breakdown by using high quality parts and factory-quality hose assemblies
  • Get back up and running fast by calling Cross’s Hose Doctor.  Our onsite mobile hose service fabricates hose assemblies at your location to let you get back to work quickly!

For Agricultural Equipment Machine Builders

  • Improve your profitability by driving machine sales, resulting in higher market share and possibly higher margins per machine
  • Improve the efficiency of your maintenance  with machine-provided feedback, instead of waiting for a customer to call
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency with our plug-n-play custom engineered solutions
Cross’s Hose & Fittings group has a wide variety of hydraulic and industrial hose for agricultural applications, including spray hose for pesticides and fertilizers and irrigation hose.  We also stock UL-approved hose and fittings for propane, CNG and LPG.

Types of machines we’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Poultry harvesters
  • Fruit and vegetable harvesters
  • Tobacco harvesters
  • Irrigation and de-watering equipment
  • Poultry house machinery
  • Field sprayers
  • Combine and forage harvesters

A range of expertise for agricultural equipment

No matter what sort of machine you are building or what sort of vehicle you need to keep up and running, Cross Company has a range of products and services to help.  Take a look at each below:



Products for agricultural equipment

High quality motors, hoses, fittings and valves which keep your equipment up and running.

Services for agricultural equipment

Whether you are running ag equipment or building machines for the agriculture industry, we offer a variety of services to make your equipment as efficient as possible.

Ag Equipment Industry Resources

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Agricultural Equipment Industry News and Events

Take a look at all news and events for ag equipment from our manufacturing partners.

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