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Control Engineering Service Contracts

Cross Company Control Engineering Service Contracts

In today’s tight economy, it’s not realistic to have a systems programmer on staff permanently who only works on two or three projects a year. It’s a very specialized skillset and when a systems programmer retires, it’s a tough role to replace. Frequently, the decision is made to cut costs and hire a lower level technician or not replace at all. However, that doesn’t mean that the skills to troubleshoot and program PLC and SCADA systems aren’t still needed. But don’t worry, Cross Company can help!

We have two models: a service contract with a certain number of hours to use or, for larger or more complex operations which require frequent maintenance, an embedded programmer is more appropriate. If a full-time programmer seems too much, consider our tiered service contracts. They’re tailored to your particular operation and production goals and can provide:

  • Production assurance
  • System stability
  • Reduced downtime, leading to improved profitability

Not only do we troubleshoot when things go wrong and get you back up and running quickly, but we can also advise on upgrades, optimizations and maintenance. Eventually, you’ll think of our programmers as part of your operation!

Get the Support You Need With Tailored Contacts

We’re the perfect size to partner with your operation. Cross offers the same personalized and friendly service as the “mom-n-pops” near you but we have a far greater level of expertise. As part of a larger organization, we have additional software and hardware skills we can draw on if necessary.

Control engineering service contracts are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or system upgrades, the contract can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

We offer the same level of expertise as the big manufacturers, but we’re interested and invested in our customer’s long term success. We don’t just want to sell and install a project and then leave. We want to make sure it keeps running efficiently and effectively for you for the long term. We become vested partners with our customers, giving you world-class technical expertise and customer service with a smile!

Proactive Maintenance

Expert Support

Customized Solutions

Risk Mitigation

Enhanced System Performance

Priority Response

Services We Provide

We can provide a wide range of services to process facilities, including

  • Design PLC and SCADA systems, either greenfield sites or upgrades to legacy systems.
  • Keep track of software maintenance and patches
  • Keep historical files and trending
  • Make HMIs more usable for the operator
  • Troubleshoot when things go down
  • Provide start-up and commissioning, as well as ongoing calibration and preventative maintenance
extend plc life
valves and other process equipment

Our Brand Partners

We are preferred service providers for

  • Rockwell/Allen Bradley controls
    • Factory Talk
    • Control Logix
    • Compact Logix
    • Legacy Rockwell and Allen Bradley software
  • Siemens
    • TIA portal
    • Step 7
    • WinCC HMI
  • VTScada
  • Aveva
    • Wonderware
    • Citect
  • Red Lion HMIs and controls
  • ABB
  • Various radio and cellular data RTU systems

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Control Engineering Service Contracts?

In process facilities, we understand that precision, reliability, and efficiency are cornerstones of successful operations. We also understand the intricacies of diverse industries and the pivotal role that control engineering plays in their seamless functioning. That’s why our focus is not solely on resolving challenges as they arise, but on preventing them from occurring in the first place.

At Cross, our experience serving a wide range of industries has established us as a go-to for many operations. With an approach that prioritizes your unique requirements, our team can become an extension of your operations, working directly with you to drive efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance safety.

If you’re looking for service you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more or to start the process.

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