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Nivelco was founded in Budapest, Hungary in 1939 as a manufacturer of telephone systems.  In 1982, the company turned its specialization to level measurement and control.  Nivelco currently has operating companies or distributors in 75 countries throughout the world.

The Nivelco strength comes from the four guiding principles of the family business throughout its long history:

  • Respect for the knowledge and experience of the founders
  • Professional pride in their products
  • Responsibility for their colleagues and their customers
  • Ensuring their products and services provide value

Every single Nivelco product comes with a five year warranty, which shows their dedication to producing a high quality producte which is good value for money.

Featured Nivelco Products

As a leading distributor for Nivelco products, our experts offer the added value of determining which products have worked best in different processes and applications over the years. With Cross, you can ensure you get the best controllers for your process.

Nivelco Resources, News and Events

Nivelco Resource In this application note from Nivelco, a plastics manufacturer is using level transmitters feeding into a MultiCONT process controller via HART to monitor the level of plastic granules in their silos, improving inventory and maintenance. Our Flow and Safety Technologies group has been working with Nivelco for years…

Nivelco Resource Take a look at the latest product overview from Nivelco. Our process solutions group offers a range of products from Nivelco including: Level Transmitters Guided Microwave Capacitive Hydrostatic Magneto-restrictive Non-Contact Microwave Ultrasonic Integrated Ultrasonic Compact Level Switches Float Conductive Magnetic Coupling Magnetic Tracking Vibrating Fork Vibrating Rod Rotary…

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