100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

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Increasing efficiency while maintaining quality and compliance

The beverage industry in the United States is profoundly changing.  Consumer tastes have shifted to new or niche products and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the proliferation of SKUs, forcing them to be leaner and more efficient than ever.  All the while, beverage producers must still produce high quality product which meet or exceed hygiene and regulatory requirements.

Cross Company has been working with beverage producers across the Southeast for over sixty years.  Whether it’s process control, automation, packaging, hose & fittings or complete control system overhauls, Cross Company has the experience to solve your critical issues.

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Providing Tangible Value

  • Increase quality: Make sure every part of your production process is measured, monitored and controlled with high quality products for pressure, temperature, level and a full range of control system hardware and software.
  • Increase efficiency: It’s harder than ever to hire people, especially for mundane jobs.  Industrial automation and robotics can perform tasks quickly, repeatably and reliably, freeing up your team to work on other high value activities.
  • Improve your process efficiency with new or updated automation: Our custom motion control solutions are cost-effective and built to work inside your sanitary environment.
  • Reduce your risk of downtime: Cross Company can not only get you up and running, but if something goes down, we can get it repaired for you FAST!  If it’s beyond repair, as a distributor for many major brands of valves and process equipment, we can have a new one in place in no time.
  • Stay compliant: Industry regulations are always changing.  Make sure you can measure and document every part of your process to comply with the latest legislation.

A range of expertise for the beverage industry

No matter what part of the beverage industry you’re in, alcoholic, non-alcoholic or water, Cross Company can help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for the beverage industry. Take a look at each below:



Complete Solutions

Products for the beverage industry

High quality products for sanitary environments that are perfectly spec’d for your application

Services for the beverage industry

We get you up and running fast and help support you in every part of the beverage industry life cycle.

Complete solutions for the beverage industry

Cross’s engineers can help outline, budget, design, execute, and deploy large and small scale control system projects or upgrades. 

Beverage Industry Resources

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Beverage Industry News and Events

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January 22, 2021

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