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Building Products and Construction Industry Offering

Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime

With the home renovation and repair business thriving, building products manufacturers are busier than ever.  It’s critical that your equipment is up, running and measuring correctly.  The industrial experts at Cross Company can help.

Cross’s Precision Measurement group, formerly branded J.A. King, offers a wide range of measurement equipment and calibration services to make sure your product quality and operation efficiency are at their peak.  From scales & balances, to thickness gages and other hard gaging to thermometers, ovens and other temperature devices, Cross Precision Measurement has you covered.  

Cross can also provide destructive & non-destructive testing, as well as inspection services to ensure your product performs to spec.

For the construction teams out in the field, Cross Hose and Fittings is there to make sure you get back up and running FAST after a hose break.  With a large inventory of hose types, sizes and fittings, you can be sure that Cross Hose has what you need, when you need it.  No time to come to one of our North Carolina hose stores?  No problem!  Our mobile hose repair service can come to you.

Providing Tangible Value

  • Increase efficiency: With razor-thin margins, the building products industry doesn’t have a penny to spare.  Our products, services and solutions ensure your products are meeting specification with no additional waste.
  • Reduce the impact of downtime: Failing hoses may be a fact of life for the construction industry, but Cross Hose & Fittings can help you keep your downtime to a minimum.
  • Reduce the risk of product failure: Cross’s testing and inspection services help make sure your product performs exactly as expected.
Theodolite Calibration

A range of expertise for the building products industry and construction

No matter if you’re making building products or using them in your construction, Cross is here to help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for all aspects of the industry. Take a look at each below:



Complete Solutions

Products for the building products and construction industry

High quality products for harsh environments that are perfectly spec’d for your application

Services for the building products and construction industry

We get you up and running fast and help support you in every part of the construction industry life cycle.

Complete solutions for the building products and construction industry

Cross’s engineers can help outline, budget, design, execute, and deploy large and small scale control system projects or upgrades. 

Construction and Building Products Industry Resources

Take a look at all the resources for the construction and building products industry from the experts at Cross.

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Building Products and Construction Industry News and Events

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See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

J.A. King is Now Part of Cross Company!

Still offering the same world class customer service since 1939, J.A. King is now a part of the Cross Company family. This means our customers have even more support as our capability continues to grow. As always, reach out to our team if you have any questions, and take a look at all we now have to offer! Interested in a quote?