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Aerospace and Defense

Providing Tangible Value For The Aerospace and Defense Industry

At Cross Company, our key value drivers center around customer success. With a focus on innovation, we aim to help our customers grow their businesses. Take a look at how our we provide tangible results for this industry and learn more about our Innovate, Grow, Transform initiative.

Increase Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your process and reduce lead times with the latest commercially available technology perfectly specified for your application

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure by ensuring your measurement equipment is correctly calibrated and measuring exactly

Stay Compliant

FAA and DoD regulations are always changing. Make sure you can measure and document every part of your process to comply with the latest regulations.
Increase the efficiency of your process and reduce lead times with the latest commercially available technology perfectly specified for your application
Reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure by ensuring your measurement equipment is correctly calibrated and measuring exactly
FAA and DoD regulations are always changing. Make sure you can measure and document every part of your process to comply with the latest regulations.

Increasing Efficiency Without Compromising Quality, Safety Or Compliance

The aerospace industry is subject to constantly evolving technology. Companies in both the defense and commercial sectors must face the complex challenge of manufacturing innovative, high-performing products while also ensuring safety and regulatory compliance in order to remain competitive.

Whether you’re producing aircraft engines, avionics, helicopters, or military satellites- attaining the highest precision and quality are paramount. The failure of a single component could produce devastating results.

The demands of manufacturing for military, aerospace and defense applications and OEMs are rigorous and precise, requiring expert knowledge of specialty hardware and environments, as well as the experience to integrate and control the entire system. From motors to complex positioning systems, sensors, software and command & control solutions, Cross’s engineering expertise provides proven components with known performance as a complete assembly or turn key solution to get your mission-critical job done.

This provides our customers with the latest commercially available technology, reduced development costs, reduced lead time, lower unit cost and startup costs, rapid prototyping, faster fielding and accelerated implementation.

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Common Applications

Military aircraft and UAVs

Civilian aircraft manufacturing

Airport operations and ground support

Missiles and precision weapons systems

Ground and sea based vehicles

Space and ground-based aerospace

Security platforms


Advanced sensing systems

Aerospace Specialties

Within the Aerospace and Defense industry, our teams specialize in a range of specific applications. Take a look at everything we offer for the aerospace and defense industry.

The Aviation world is in constant motion. It is an industry with a legacy and a future of innovation including the specialized vehicles that make up the “ground support equipment” manufacturing industry. Cross Company has supported this industry for years with innovative hydraulic system designs and more recently, state of the art control systems. Our control systems can be found on mobile belt conveyors, air start units, and remote air conditioning systems at airports worldwide.

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Latest Case Studies

Aerospace and Defense 112
Biomass Cogeneration Project for Nippon Paper Industries Cross Helps Nippon Paper Industries Implement New Biomass Cogeneration Project Cross Company worked closely with Nippon Paper Industries’ Port Angeles, WA plant as they built a new biomass cogeneration facility. The process solutions group at Cross implemented all of the programming, startup and…

Aerospace and Defense 112
Case Study: Coats American Inc. Coats American Inc. produces thread products and colors to meet a broad range of sewing requirements. It produces a variety of threads, which include cotton or polyester covered core threads, filament nylon and polyester, spun and textured polyester and embroidery with accompanying brands for each…

Aerospace and Defense 114
Asphalt sealant manufacturing plants bond together asphalt, coal tar, and other aggregates utilizing an emulsifier. It is critical that the emulsifier is prepared and added to the other ingredients in the correct percentage so that the finished mix has a consistent, malleable nature. This enables the manufacturers to produce quality…

Kapstone Truck Scale e
Automated Truck Scale System Saves Overtime and Prevents Fraud for KapStone Paper KapStone Paper and Packaging makes unbleached kraft paper and high performance lightweight liner board. Their Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina plant, set on the banks of the Roanoke River, runs 24/7 with approximately 430 employees producing over 470,000 tons…

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Lindy’s Homemade Italian Ice manufactures thirteen flavors of high quality, traditional Italian ice and high protein frozen desserts in their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The company operates a 50,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse, maintained at a constant 0°F and capable of storing up to 2,300 pallets. Lindy’s shares this…


A range of expertise for the aerospace and defense industry

No matter what part of the aerospace industry you’re in, from manufacturing to repair to airport operations, Cross Company can help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for aerospace and defense. Take a look at each below:



Complete Solutions

Products for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

High quality products, precisely specified for your mission-critical application

Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

When an off-the-shelf product just won’t do, our customized solutions fit your process perfectly

Aerospace and Defense Industry Resources

Take a look at these aerospace industry resources from the experts at Cross.

Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution: Applications in Automation and Motion Control The terms accuracy, repeatability, and resolution can be found on the spec sheets of many engineered products. They are often misunderstood, used interchangeably, or just plain confused. This can cause products to be incorrectly specified and, in many cases, over-designed for…

When performing dimensional inspection, there are many measurement methods which are very accurate and highly recommended. In this article, our experts will explain some of the benefits and key differences between some of those methods including: CMMs, portable measuring arms, vision systems, and optical comparators. Coordinate Measuring Machines or (CMMs):…

Surface plates are the foundation for many dimensional measurements, and properly caring for your surface plate is necessary to ensure measurement accuracy. Granite is the most popular material used for surface plates due to its ideal physical characteristics, such as surface hardness and low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. However, with…

Aerospace and Defense Industry News and Events

Take a look at all the resources for the aerospace industry from Cross’s manufacturing partners.

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