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Mobile Systems Integration Solutions

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In order to stay competitive in the mobile equipment manufacturing market, it’s crucial for your machine to be optimized. And often, optimization for mobile machinery is more than just updating an HMI or a pump.

To stay up-to-date and competitive, many mobile machines require a rework from the ground up. While this may seem like a significant upfront investment, the long term benefits of increased productivity, end user satisfaction, and longer vehicle lifespans often more than make up for the initial investment.

To begin the process of optimizing your industrial mobile machinery, contact a Cross Mobile Systems Integration expert today.

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Our Mobile System Integration Solutions

We always work to provide the best solutions to our OEM and equipment manufacturer customers. Whether it’s designing and implementing a new hydraulic system or assisting in the switch to vehicle electrification, we can help. We’ve worked with countless manufacturers across dozens of industries. And we have the knowledge and expertise to optimize your mobile vehicle system.

Our reputation for customer service is only surpassed by the quality of our work. When it comes to industrial mobile systems, we can confidently say we know our stuff. And we’re confident that after working with the Cross Mobile Systems Integration team, you’ll think so too.

Working with Cross Mobile Systems Integration group is a commitment to better vehicle performance, less vehicle maintenance, and lower costs over time. If those sound like something you would be interested in, then Cross may be a good fit for you and your company.

Check out the solutions we offer.

If your vehicle uses moving components, control panels, hydraulics, or other mobile features, then we may be able to help you optimize it. We’ll ensure that all your components and other equipment are up-to-date and operating efficiently, which allows for simplified maintenance and reduced vehicle costs overall. From updated displays and sensors to a ground-up rework.

Industrial Vehicle Optimization→

Many mobile equipment OEMs and other manufacturers are making the switch away from internal combustion engines and diesel-based systems. Whether it’s mandated or not, there are many benefits that come with vehicle electrification. From decreased fuel consumption to longer vehicle lifespans, the move to full electric or a hybrid system doesn’t have to break the bank

Industrial Vehicle Electrification→

Hatz is the market leader in diesel engines for limited power applications. Cross Mobile Systems Integration can provide mobile genset and pump packages, with the Hatz engine at the core. Let us worry about the integration and the enclosure. You’ll get a tailored package with engine, generator and/or pump that’s ready to install.

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Getting the Job Done

Our solutions are designed with you in mind. It’s important to use that every OEM and equipment manufacturer we work with is able to provide optimal services every single time.

Your success is our success. That’s why we always work directly with all of our customers to design the optimal mobile machinery solution that’s the perfect fit for the product.

Whether it’s retrofitting outdated systems or adding electrification to a combustion engine, if your system needs an overhaul, we can get the job done.

Mobile System Experts

A major part of what we focus on is the complete optimization of mobile systems. That means not just replacing a single part. While that is part of it, our mobile solutions are more about creating a system that’s perfectly designed, engineered, and optimized to work with your parameters and requirements.

When you’re working with mobile systems, space is at a premium. We design all our hydraulic systems to operate as necessary within the space required. Taking into account space requirements, power needs, and heat distribution is a major part of our design process.

Once we’ve designed the ideal mobile solution, we’re also able to test it in our Mobile Technology Center. That way you know what you’re getting is the solution you need.

Hydraulic System Design

Hybrid or Full Electric Upgrade

Pump and Motor Overhaul

Custom Manifold Block Design

Mobile Machine IoT Integration

In-House Vehicle Prototyping

Why Cross Mobile Systems Integration Solutions?

In our Mobile Systems Integration Group, we’ve worked with many OEMs and other equipment manufacturers over the years. We’ve kept track of changing industrial landscapes and the changes happening to mobile vehicles. And throughout all that, we’ve maintained a team of some of the best engineers and experts in the industry.

Your equipment should be able to provide optimal value to your end user. If it’s not, then something has to change. We’ll work directly with you to determine what it is that will best optimize your mobile machine.

Check out our services or contact Cross Mobile Systems Integration Group today to discuss your mobile systems and how we can help.

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