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Custom Hose Fabrication

Hose Assemblies Completed In Minutes

Cross Hose and Fittings leads the industry in providing quality consulting and design services for North Carolina customers. Many companies or teams do not have the expertise or the time necessary to specify the correct hose components or design in the optimal configuration, so they rely on trusted hose & fittings partners.

Cross Company has been successfully providing this service to hundreds of customers for many years and is backed by powerful brands, regular training, and experienced field and counter specialists.

At Cross Hose and Fittings, we want you to have the exact how you need. Our factory-trained and certified hose technicians will work directly with you to provide the best hose assemblies, customized to your exact needs. When you’re in need of a hose repair or custom hose assembly, think Cross Hose and Fittings. Come by one of our NC hose stores and see why our customers keep coming back.

Our Factory-Certified Staff

Come by one of Cross Hose & Fittings’ four NC Parker hose stores and get a hose assembly made while you wait. Cross Company can assemble any hydraulic hose from a ¼” 1-wire hose to a 2” 6-wire hose while you browse our showroom.

We have a vast array of hose ends including a full range of metric and BSPP threads. Cross carries all the fittings, couplings, and connectors your project or application needs. And our factory-trained staff will help you find the best one for your hose assembly.

Custom Hose

Perfect Fittings

Expert Assembly

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Custom Hose and Connector Kits

Kitting services from Cross Hose & Fittings will speed up assembly on the factory floor. From fittings and adapters to pre-made assemblies, custom kits can hold a wide range of materials, in the exact order and quantities you need.

The ultimate in efficiency, these pre-assembled kits offer hose, fittings and related products in a single package – with one part number and one invoice. Fluid connector custom kits help streamline ordering, reduce product handling costs and improve production control. Our packages are customized to your specific needs.

Interested in learning more about our hose and fitting inventory management services? Contact a Cross team member today to discuss your application in detail and see how our services can benefit your operation!






See How Our Hose And Fittings Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

Frequently Asked Questions

At Cross Hose and Fittings, we can fabricate a wide variety of hydraulic hose, industrial hose, pneumatic hose, flexible tubing, rigid tubing, and much more. All of our hose assemblies are cut, crimped, cleaned, and sealed for our customers. That way they can be put to use immediately or stored until needed.

The amount of time it takes to assemble your new hose depends on the hose itself, the fittings required, and any other secondary considerations (such as wraps/coils, unique fittings, irregular sizes, etc). In most cases however, we’re able to assemble a replacement hose while you wait in the store. That way you can leave with the exact replacement hose you need. And it’s immediately ready to be put to work.

There’s a reason our customers keep coming back to our NC hose stores and keep taking advantage of our in-store hose assembly. Our trained hose repair technicians are able to repair most damage hose assemblies quickly and professionally. If you have damaged hose, have a damaged fitting, or anything in between, Cross can help.

Get The Hose You Need Today

Avoid downtime and get the hose you need today. Visit one of our locations for hose fabrication and repair while you wait. Or contact our Customer Care Team to get the hose you need delivered directly to you.

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Why Cross Hose and Fittings?

At Cross Hose and Fittings, the most important thing to us is the success of our customers. We want to provide you with the custom hose fabrication, hose fabrication tool rental, hose repair, or other service you need to succeed.

When a hose is leaking or a fitting isn’t right, a whole project can come to a halt.

That’s something we’re always looking to avoid. Get your project up and running with a custom hose or tube assembly from Cross Hose and Fittings.

If you’re in need of exceptional hose and fittings services from factory-trained hose experts, come by Cross Hose and Fittings. Our hose stores in North Carolina will get you fixed up and ready to go.

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