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Control System Integration

Control Systems When You Need Them

Cross Company offers a range of control system integration solutions, with years of expertise and a team of control system experts. Whether your operation needs to migrate a control system, integrate a new system, or simply upgrade your current system infrastructure, the Cross Company process solutions group is here to help.

Your Systems Integration Solution

Whether it’s system retrofitting, system migration, or a control system upgrade, Cross is your go-to control system integration company. Make sure your plant is at peak performance with the help of a qualified and experienced control system integrator.

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System Retrofitting

Many of the older PLC or HMIs still in use today were developed decades ago. And it’s safe to say the process industry has come a long way in modernizing since then. Retrofitting outdated control systems increases both machine and process reliability while reducing unplanned downtime. A control system retrofit also reduces cost through a shorter ROI when compared to purchasing an entire new machine.

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System Migration

Take control of your plant modernization strategy through a migration of your control system. In an industry where control system performance can have a dramatic impact on uptimes and bottom lines, having a modern and up to date control system can make all the difference. Moving to a unified control architecture as part of your control system migration is a long-term solution that increases productivity and profitability.

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System Upgrade

If you have newer control hardware that hasn’t been touched in recent memory, it may be time for an upgrade. Outdated control software can be one of the simplest causes of unexpected downtime or declining performance. System integrators will check that both your hardware and software are performing within the required parameters to ensure an efficient and streamlined process.

See How Our Process Solutions Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

Expertise For Any Part of Your Integration Project

No matter what part of a control system integration project you’re looking at, Cross is here to help. We offer a range of solutions that fit any project control system project.


Front End Design

Control Narratives


Utilizing control system virtualization is an excellent way to reduce overall operating cost by eliminating hardware, utilities, and maintenance. Our process solutions group has implemented virtualization not only for customers, but also in our own processes. 

Front End Design

Front-End design activities are critical to the success of a project. Our team can help outline budget, design, execution, and deployment of large scale industrial control system projects.

Control Narratives

Control narratives can be subset of a design specification. We tailor our deliverables to match the size and scope of the project thus saving you money.

Integration Capabilities

Project management

FEED studies and analysis

Life Cycle and ROI Analysis

OEE Analysis

Material Procurement And Specification

Panel Building and Staging

Startup and Checkout Services

System Documentation

Post Project Support

Documentation Submittals

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Panel design and layout
  • Product specification information
  • System design
  • Control narrative development

System Configuration

  • Virtually any SCADA system on the market
  • Graphic design
  • Most major hardware brands supported for DCS and PLC vendors
  • Custom configurations using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Thin client implementation
  • Data historians
  • Migration platform conversions
  • Simple and complex batch
  • Downtime and event monitoring
  • MES integration

White Paper: An Introduction To System Legacy Migration

Because the associated consequences are so severe, we can all be grateful that the concept of Legacy Migration is very simple. Legacy migration is a process in which obsolete control system hardware and software are upgraded to maintain the current standards – simply, the current technology – so that you can continue to run your facility with a mitigated risk of failure.

Read the Guide

Supported Core Platforms

Our process solutions team engineers have experience working with a range of core platforms in a variety of industries and settings. With that expertise, we can help you integrate or optimize just about any process. Take a look at some of the core platforms we support and reach out to one of our process engineers to see how we can help with your control system project.


  • S5, S7-300 series, S7-400 F & H series
  • ET200M, S, iSP, SP-HA, & Simatic CFU
  • Scalance Industrial Networking X, W, & S
  • Simocode Motor Management Devices
  • Sinamics Drives
  • HMI Comfort Panels
  • APACS Controllers & IO Modules
  • QUADLOG Controllers & IO Modules
  • Step7
  • TIA-Portal
  • Simatic PCS 7
    • Simatic Batch
    • Process Historian
    • Route Control
    • Drives ES
    • Simocode Pro
    • Industry Library
    • Safety Matrix
    • APACS+OS
    • PVX+OS
  • WinCC
    • Flexible
    • Simatic IT
    • Sm@rtLib Function Library
    • Historian Connect
    • Alarm Management ACC
  • Process Device Manager (PDM)

Learn more about Siemens.

Rockwell Automation Logo

  • SLC 500, PLC5, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, & ControlLogix
  • GuardLogix for Compact & ControlLogix
  • PanelView HMI
  • PowerFlex Drives
  • PlantPAx
  • GEMS Library
  • Studio 5000
  • RSLogix 5000/500/5
  • FactoryTalk Batch
  • ME, SE, ViewPoint, & RSView32
  • Analytics, VantagePoint, Historian, EnergyMetrics

Cross Company is a Rockwell Automation Silver System Integrator. Learn More about Rockwell Automation.

Aventics Logo

  • M Series, S Series, & Charms
  • Smart Logix Solver (SLS) for SIS
  • Asset Management System (AMS)
  • Mynah Simulation
  • Serial Interface
  • DH+ Interface
  • Profibus Interface
  • EtherNet I/P Interface
  • Modbus Interface
  • DeltaV
    • Control Studio
    • Recipe Studio
    • Asset Management System (AMS)
    • Batch Executive & Batch Operator Interface

Learn more about Emerson Aventics.

Control System Integration 2

  • Archestra
  • System Platform
  • InTouch
  • Historian
  • SmartGlance

Control System Integration 3

  • Ability Symphony Plus
  • 800xa DCS

Learn more about ABB.

Honeywell Logo

  • Experion LX
  • ControlEdge PLC
  • ControlEdge HC900
  • ControlEdge RTU
  • ControlEdge UOC
  • ControlEdge PCD

Learn more about Honeywell.

Control System Integration 4

  • OPC Client/Server
  • Web Service
  • ODBC Server
  • Polling Management

Control System Integration 5

  • GraphWorX
  • Hyper Historian
  • AssetWorX
  • TendWorX
  • FDDWorX
  • Energy AnalytiX

Learn more about ICONICS.

Why You Need An Integration Partner

A change in your industrial control system can be a scary thing. For many, it seems synonymous with unplanned downtime, increased expenses, and extra headaches. But it doesn’t have to.

Working with a trusted control system integration company means working together to develop an optimal integration solution that takes into account your production needs, schedule, and expenses. Then seamlessly implementing that plan based on your individual budget, scale, and the scope of integration.

Why Cross Control System Integration?

Retrofitting, migrating, or updating a control system can become more complicated than they may appear at first. Many considerations are required to have a successful integration with minimal stoppage.

That’s why working with an experienced and trusted industrial control system integration company like Cross Process Solutions is necessary.

We’ll look at and audit your existing control systems and how they relate to your process in terms of efficiency and quality. Then provide a detailed report and optimization strategy for your control systems.

If you’re using a dusty, outdated control system, the time to switch is now. Don’t let yourself get out-performed or bogged down in unplanned downtime. Contact Cross Process Solutions today.

See How Our Process Solutions Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

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