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New Control System Integration

Your New Control System

Cross Company’s process control system experts provide modern and efficient systems to any type of new operation while staying dedicated to reducing inherent project risk. Whether your next project is a brand new operation, facility expansion, or replacing current processes with new systems, preparation with a trusted control system advisor is key to success. Cross Company is readily available to provide piece-mill engineering deliverables or turnkey process manufacturing projects.

Many process plants only begin considering new control systems when faced with the potential of obsolescence. However, proactively implementing a modern process control system is often the best way to upgrade and update a process system as a whole. If your control system has been gathering dust for decades, it’s time to seriously think about a new system.

At Cross Process Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to successfully install and implement a new control system for your process plant. Interested in learning more about how Cross company can help your operation? Contact us today to discuss your project or application with a Cross team member.

Why You Should Upgrade

There are many benefits to upgrading from an outdated control system. These mainly come in the form of increased capacityreduced overhead, and upgraded processes.

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Increased Capacity

An out-of-date control system may still be working as intended. The problems arise when we take into account the fact that the standards of the past are not the standards of the present. Proper control loops lead to a more efficient process, higher quality production, and greater product consistency. As an added bonus, an efficient, new control system can also have faster start-up times, minimizing planned maintenance downtime.

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Reduced Overhead

Replacing an outdated control system with an industry standard also has many benefits. From streamlining operator training to optimizing production as a whole, a new system can make your process more efficient overall. New control systems also may provide more actionable data, reducing maintenance downtime and allowing for ease in troubleshooting potential issues. Don’t wait until an older system becomes obsolete.

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Upgraded Processes

A modern, new control system generally has greater functionality than an outdated or legacy system. This provides greater visibility to your process as a whole while often providing the data needed to ensure its continuing performance. When managers and operators have access to process data, they can work together to maximize process efficiency. Legacy systems do not typically offer the same benefits.

The Cross Process

Whether it’s moving from no control system to a modern system (a greenfield installation) or upgrading from an obsolete system, we’ll plan, design, and implement the right system for your plant.

First, we learn how your individual process works. We then make functional design specifications to present to ensure you’re completely on board with our proposals. From there, it’s on to design specifications and testing (internal and factory acceptance). Once everything is ready to go, we’ll also provide on-site commissioning and post-project support.

Our process is based around you and your production schedule. We work hard to make sure we not only have the best designs for your new control system, but that we’re able to implement them in a way that works for your plant.

Your Process and You

Installing a new control system is often similar to creating a new process. While this may seem frightening or expensive to many plant operators, when it comes to control systems, the costs of continuing to use obsolete hardware or software may be considerably higher. As technology advances, process plant control systems only stand to benefit. The “if it ain’t broke” mindset has kept plants from implementing new control systems for decades. While this may seem like the more economical approach, imagine the day that the control system fails. Then it is no longer a choice. A new control system becomes mandatory.

Take the proactive step and maximize your process, productivity, and profitability with a modern, new control system. New control systems have also given operators and management a new lease on process control. Data collection from new systems has increased forecasting abilities for many within the process industry, allowing for greater control of planned downtime. By using increased data, future repairs and maintenance can be scheduled with greater accuracy and efficiency.

A new control system takes your existing processes a step further. With greater process control, more analytics, and increased quality, this often translates to a more efficient process overall. Just because it ain’t broke doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it. Take the next step with Cross New Control System Implementation.

The Cross Difference

When we design and commission a new control system, we take it seriously. For many process plants, it’s a big change. So our goal is to make the integration process as efficient as possible. That’s why we work directly with you throughout the process. From learning your exact plant specifications to thorough testing, we want to make sure the new control system we implement is the right one for you.

We also learn your process in order to minimize potential installation-related downtime. Our goal is to get you up and running with the most efficient control system for your unique process. So we work around your timeframes and schedules. New control system integration is a hands-on process. So we take a hands-on approach with our customers, too. That’s something we’re proud of.

Why Cross New Control Integration?

When you partner with Cross Process Solutions for your new control system integration projects, you know you’re getting an industry leader with years of experience in process instrumentation, services, and solutions.

You get more than just a systems integrator. You get a partner.

Our team of some of the best process engineers will work directly with your teams to ensure you’re getting the best new control system for your specific process.

If you’re using an older control system, don’t just wait until it becomes obsolete. Take the step to maximize your production with the right new control system. If you’re thinking about upgrading (or even on the fence about it), contact Cross Process Solutions group today.

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