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Improving Machines for OEMs

If you’re tasked with reducing efficiency in your process, you’ve come to the right place. Our team specializes in robotics, pneumatics, electro-mechanical motion control, industrial automation, and end-of-arm tooling for original equipment manufacturers.

As a machine builder you are constantly working to improve your product. Let our team of experts help you with the automation components and sub assemblies. Cross Automation offers a wide range of automation components including actuators, servo and stepper motors, gantries, pneumatic valves, end of arm tools, HMIs, and more from the brands that you know and trust.

The Cross Automation group offers our customers a range of products within primary areas of discipline such as robotics, pneumatics, electro-mechanical motion control, industrial automation, and end-of-arm tooling. Take a look at what Cross has to offer within each product category from our automation group.

Automation Products for Machine Builders

Our team of automation experts are here to partner with you in determining the best part(s) for your application. We have years of experience and can talk through the pros and cons of various technologies and manufacturers to determine which is the best fit for you. In addition, our experienced team can help with sizing of parts like motors or drives so you are confident that your equipment will work reliably for years to come.

End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT), or end effectors, connect to a robotic arm and transform it from a simple actuator into a useful tool. They are designed to give a robot a variety of capabilities such as the ability to pick and place. This allows them to perform tasks such as palletizing, labeling or quality testing, which are invaluable to industrial operations looking to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

End of Arm Tooling→

Offering collaborative robots, mobile robots, industrial robots and more. Our light integration services allow you to put your robot solution right where you need it without the hassle of changing your production line. We help you get the most out of your automation investment by providing quick-to-deploy solutions for lowering production costs, eliminating ergonomic related injuries and reducing quality problems.


From pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators to air preparation and fieldbus communication, the Cross Automation team has years of experience working with pneumatic components within a variety of applications.


With expertise in a range of applications, our engineers can help determine the best motion control components for your project. From actuators and positioners, to gearboxes, drives, and more, our team knows what it takes to make things move. Simply put, we make motion work.

Motion Control→

Working with a range of components, our automation engineers can help your team determine the best way to automate your machine building process. Offering everything from automation software to industrial PLCs and HMIs, we can implement a number of components into your project to improve efficiency in the process.

Motion Control→

When automating a new process you don’t want to guess about the components you need. That is why Cross offers application engineering and Bill of Materials (BOM) generation assistance. Our engineers work with you to define the requirements and needs of your application in regard to precision, environment, throughput, and more.

Application Engineering and Bill of Materials Generation Assistance→

Reduce Your Risk And Increase Efficiency With Customized Solutions. The engineers at Cross Company’s Automation Group work with customers and manufacturers every day to specify the perfect single product for an application. But what happens if there isn’t a perfect product to do what you need it to do? What happens if it’s three or four products? A customized solution may be the best option.

Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies→

Much like the tires on your car, cables are absolutely necessary but not something you think about very often. Unfortunately, if you aren’t an automation engineer who is regularly dealing with cord selection, you may not even know where to begin or what you need. Luckily Cross Automation is here to help!

Custom Cables, Leads, Pinouts, and Cable Management→

As an OEM or machine builder, critical components which are not stocked by a manufacturer or have a high variation in lead time can be a killer. Machines miss deliveries because you’re waiting on parts and your production line grinds to a halt. Cross Company can help with our customer committed inventory program. If you have a part or parts which you order repeatedly but which have a high lead time variance, Cross can stock these for you.

Customer Committed Inventory→

If you are ordering multiple components that will go together, our team can package them in kits so that when you receive them you have everything that goes together is packed together, and it is clear what parts go together. This is particularly helpful when ordering parts for complex assemblies that have lots of parts. What’s more, we can do this across manufacturers if needed. That means that everything for an assembly can come to you packaged together even if we receive the parts from two, three, or more manufacturers.

Kitting and Labeling Services→

As your equipment ages, it can become increasingly difficult to keep it running properly. Cross Automation is here to help! Once parts are discontinued by a manufacturer they become increasingly difficult to locate and increasingly expensive. Instead of scouring the internet to find replacement parts from less than reputable dealers, let our automation experts find the perfect replacement for your obsolete parts.

Obsolescence and Retrofit Assistance→

Increase Efficiency With Pre-Loaded PLCs Or Drives. When it comes to installing a new PLC or drive, you want the shortest downtime possible. PLC programming or pre-loaded drives from Cross Company allow you to make the changeover more quickly so you can get back up and running faster. Whether you need us to program your PLC to interface directly to a drive to create discrete motion or you need us to preset the parameters within a drive based upon your application, Cross Automation can help!

Pre-Loaded PLCs and Drives→

Automation Services For Machine Builders

We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service and support before, during, and after your purchase. Here are just a few of our services that can help make your job easier.

Industries We Serve

Providing high-quality solutions for to help automate manual processes across dozens of industries. 


Our experts are the value behind our offering.  With real world experience in a range of specializations, our team has compiled a wealth of resources for our customers.

Is Automation Right for Your Process?

Answer a few simple questions and find out! We’ll send a copy of your inputs to help build the case for automation, and determine ROI for automating parts of your operation.

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Integrating Solutions from Industry Leading Brands

Our team works with an industry leading number of suppliers when developing solutions for our customers, so we can integrate the right components every time. Our expertise, paired with access to a wider range of materials, means we can build the best solution for your process.


See how Cross can improve efficiency in your operation by automating your manual process.

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