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Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies

Reduce your risk and increase efficiency with customized solutions

The engineers at Cross Company’s Automation Group work with customers and manufacturers every day to specify the perfect single product for an application.  But what happens if there isn’t a perfect product to do what you need it to do?  What happens if it’s three or four products?  A customized solution may be the best option.

Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies 1
Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies 2
Custom actuator assembly

Reasons why a custom solution or sub assembly may be needed

A single product doesn’t exist

When you’re designing a machine or a process, you know that it needs to perform a particular function.  But what if accomplishing that task requires two, three, four or even more parts?  Cross Company can help by working with you to specify the needed parts, even across multiple vendors, and assembling it for you.  When your custom solution arrives, it feels like just one part and is easily dropped into your process or machine.

Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies 3
Custom controls cabinet


Product obsolescence is a fact of modern-day manufacturing.  If the older part you’re using is no longer available and the replacement part is slightly different, Cross Company can help.  Frequently, the slight difference has a snowball effect and you end up needing multiple pieces to replace the single part, some of which may not even be worn out!

Cross Company can work with multiple manufacturers to create a tailored solution which accomplishes the same function as your older part but works with your existing system.  Read more about how we can help on our Obsolescence Page.

The product you need doesn’t exist

Sometimes your line needs an actuator that can also bear the weight of a person to function as a step.  Sometimes you need the precision of a direct drive rotary motor but a high load capacity.  In a perfect world, your part exists on the shelf of a manufacturer.  Frequently, however, this isn’t the case.  Cross Company can help to design, specify and fabricate a custom solution to meet your needs.  Read more about how we helped an automotive parts manufacturer with a custom automation solution here.

In the case of the direct drive rotary motor, Cross designed and integrated a servo system with a zero backlash gearbox coupled with an external encoder, providing the customer with a high torque system that has the precision of a direct drive motor, something not readily available on the market.

Custom Automation Solutions and Sub Assemblies 4
Custom actuator assembly

Creating Tangible Economic Value

Cross Company designs, engineers, sources and assembles custom solutions and sub assemblies which create tangible value for you.  Our solutions can:

  • Reduce risk: With only one vendor, if something needs to be changed or adapted, there’s only one company to call
  • Increase efficiency: By buying one assembly rather than multiple pieces, you save in purchasing time
  • Reduce risk: We are the experts in motion control and automation and you’re the expert in your product.  Let us help you ensure the custom part is spec’d and assembled correctly
  • Increase efficiency: If you’re taking only one part out of the box, your installation time is significantly reduced and so is your line/machine downtime

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the shelf at a single manufacturer, it’s time to talk to a Cross Company engineer about how a custom solution or a custom sub assembly can help.

See how our automation team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk in your operation