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Dimensional Metrology Equipment

Products for Dimensional Metrology Applications

As precision measurement professionals, Cross offers a wide variety of dimensional metrology tools to help ensure the quality of your process. Our broad offering enables us to confidently provide our customers with the ideal tool for their application based on their measuring range, accuracy, and repeatability requirements. Whether you’re in a workshop or an inspection lab, our technical sales staff can assist you in selecting the proper measuring equipment.

Not only are the precision measuring tools we sell of the highest quality and robust, they are also easy to use and provide various data output options. When you purchase from Cross Precision Measurement, formerly J.A. King, you can rest assured that your new equipment will arrive calibrated and registered in GageSuite®, our cloud based calibration tracking system.

We are happy to provide operator training, and offer exceptional after sales support you won’t receive by purchasing from an online catalog house. Take a look at some of the dimensional measurement tools we offer

Accurate Tools for Dimensional Metrology

Precise dimensional metrology equipment is a necessity for ensuring accurate standards. And those accurate standards are a necessity for ensuring reliable production over time.

In order to accurately measure physical quantities like length, time, force, mass, voltage, or current, precise measurement of physical units are needed. This metrological equipment is also able to certify that outside standards of those quantities are accurate.

Dimensional metrology equipment is also used to measure the size (and potentially also the shape) of your components. This can include radius, length, diameter, spacing, position, and similar measurements.

At Cross Precision Measurement, through our relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, we’re able to provide accurate, reliable, and durable precision measurement and dimensional metrology equipment for all of our customers.

Contact Cross to learn more or to get dimensional metrology equipment of your own.

Air gages use differential pressure from one or multiple masters to a part to determine the feature size of the measured part. They can be used for either measuring inside diameters or outside diameters.

Air Gages →

Bore gauges are used to accurately measure the inside diameter or bore size of an object. They can include telescopic gauges, dial bore gauges, vernier bore gauges, and electronic or digital bore gauge.

Bore Gages →

Precision calipers for a wide range of dimensional measurement applications. We offer vernier calipers, dial calipers, digital calipers, as well as inside, outside, and divider calipers. We also offer ISO 17025 caliper calibration services.

Calipers →

Our custom gauges are designed and built for a customer’s specific measurement application. This can mean modifying an existing device or creating a completely new, custom dimensional gauge based on a customer’s needs.

Custom Dimensional Gauges →

Depth gauges (or depth micrometers) are used to measure indentation or depth of the surface of an object using a point at the bottom as reference. We offer Vernier depth gauges, depth micrometers, dial depth gauges, digital depth gauges, and many others.

Depth Gauges →

We offer both digital and dial indicator products from industry-leading providers. This includes dial indicators, test indicators, digital indicators, and others based on need. We can provide a variety of comparator and test indicators for your operation.

Digital and Dial Indicators →

Cross offers a range of dimensional inspection equipment. This includes 3D scanners, CMMs, optical comparators, digital video measurement systems, and the ability to create custom vision measurement and inspection solutions.

Dimensional Inspection Equipment →

Go no go gauges are used to check quickly if an item is within allowed tolerances. While it doesn’t return a measurement, it is able to let an operator know if a part or component is acceptable or unacceptable based on defined tolerances.

Go No Go Gauges →

Cross offers height gauges from brands like Mitutoyo, Starrett, and Trimos. This includes Vernier height gauges, dial height gauges, digital height gauges, and motorized height gauges. We also offer a height gauge calibration service.

Height Gauges →

We can provide a range of mechanical and digital micrometers and other dimensional hand tools for measurement of diameter, depth, and thickness. This includes blade micrometers, limit micrometers, bore micrometers, and many others.

Micrometers →

Plug or pin gauge sets act similarly to go no go gauges and are utilized to verify hole or slot diameter. They can very quickly determine if hole sizes are within a defined tolerance. They’re available in Class XX, X, Y, Z, and ZZ tolerance standards.

Pin Gauge Sets →

For dimensional quality control, a precision gage block is essential. At Cross we offer a wide range of individual gage blocks and gage block sets including rectangle gage blocks, square gage blocks, ceramic gage blocks, and many others.

Precision Gage Blocks →

Cross Precision Measurement is capable of working with a variety of environments, including shop environments. We have a wide range of experience in many different settings and can provide the tools your shop needs.

Precision Shop Tools →

Ring gauges are used to check and verify external diameters for cylindrical objects. They can also be used to calibrate other gauges or standards like calipers or bore gauges. We can provide a variety of configurations as well, such as ring gauges and thread ring gauges.

Ring Gauges →

Digital video measurement systems that can improve efficiency and overall product quality. We carry reputable brands such as QVI – RAM, OGP, CCP, and more. We also provide mantis compact, mantis elite, mantis elite-cam, Lynx, and Lynx VS8.

Stereo and Measurement Microscopes →

Surface roughness gages for measuring product ergonomics, aesthetics, lifespan, and several other components. This includes non-contact surface roughness, skidless drive surface roughness gages, and several others.

Surface Roughness Gages →

We offer a range of thickness gauges, feeler gauges, and snap gauges like digital thickness gages, ultrasonic thickness gages, and others. Accurately measure small spaces or gaps in your products.

Thickness Gauges, Feeler Gauges, and Snap Gauges →

Verify the thread size, lead, and pitch of pipes, fasteners, and other threaded components. We can provide many sizes and types like thread depth gages and threat attribute gages. As well as thread depth gages.

Thread Gauges →

cross gagesuite calibration tracking software

See why customers love GageSuite, our award winning cloud based calibration management system.

Dimensional Metrology Equipment Providers

Take a look at some of the most popular brands of dimensional measurement equipment that we calibrate, repair, and sell:

A Leading Distributor of Industrial Supplies and Equipment

As an authorized distributor for a wide range of top-quality brands, Cross offers a complete selection of process measurement and control equipment backed by industry expertise.

Why Cross Dimensional Metrology Equipment?

At Cross Precision Measurement, we have a long history of providing tools for dimensional metrology to the industrial world. We pride ourselves on the wide range of our offering, meaning we’re able to provide the equipment that our diverse range of customers rely on and utilize on a regular basis.

Whether it’s for a workshop, laboratory, facility, or industrial setting, accurate measurement equipment is critical. That’s something we understand. It’s also why our main goal is to provide all of our customers with the equipment, tools, and instrumentation they need for their unique process. And to provide all of that with our world-class customer service and industry-leading technical expertise.

Between equipment training, expert calibration, and after-sales services, Cross can provide a level of support not often seen in online dimensional measurement tool sales. Which is just one of the reasons why so many operations choose to work with Cross again and again.

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