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Pressure Calibration Services

Cross Pressure Calibration

Cross specializes in a variety of pressure calibration disciplines. Our technicians have years of experience calibrating pressure equipment in everything from doctor’s offices to industrial manufacturing facilities. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in-class measurement solutions they deserve. Regular calibration of your pressure measurement equipment is critical to ensuring your process is being monitored and controlled accurately. Our precision measurement group has over eighty years of expertise in calibration to help ensure your equipment is performing at its best!

Throughout our network of calibration laboratories, we use the latest technology and most advanced standards to calibrate equipment with the best accuracies possible. Facilities throughout our network include pressure testing areas that are capable of performing ISO 17025 accredited calibration for pressure up to 30,000 psi, absolute and barometric pressure up to 30 inHg, and low or differential pressure up to 28 in water.

If you’re in need of a professional and experienced pressure calibration company, you just found one. At Cross, we work directly with every one of our customers to ensure they get the calibration, inspection, or metrology services they need when they need them.

Expert Precision Measurement Services

When you need precision calibration or other metrology services, it’s important to have a go-to precision measurement company you can trust. Whether it’s an approaching calibration audit, growing quality control issues, or just regular maintenance, proper calibration is necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

At Cross Precision Measurement, we make it our business to keep your operation running smoothly and predictably. With proper and scheduled calibration services, you can be confident that your machinery will operate as intended and with predictable results.

A2LA Accredited Pressure Calibration

Industry leading number of A2LA accredited pressure and vacuum disciplines throughout our laboratory network.

NIST Traceable Pressure Standards

Our precision measurement team utilizes the latest pressure technology to accurately, efficiently deliver results.

On-Site Pressure Calibration

Our teams are trained to offer the many of our pressure calibration services at our laboratory, your facility or even in the field.

Embedded Pressure Calibration Services

In need of a full service calibration services provider? Our precision measurement team offers fully embedded calibration services. We can be on site, full time.

Calibration Audit Preparation

Offering calibration audit preparation so you can be ready for your upcoming audit and have our quality team on standby to help answer any questions about equipment calibrated by Cross.

Pressure Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Our team has experience working with a range of the top pressure measurement equipment brands and have parts in stock to get you back to work faster.

Pressure Calibration Services

Take a look at the scope of pressure calibration services we offer. We provide both on-site and laboratory-based calibration services. If you don’t see the pressure calibration service you need for your operation, reach out to Cross Precision Measurement to discuss custom calibration services.

At Cross, we strive to be leaders in innovation throughout the industrial world. One of the main ways we work towards that is always providing unbeatable customer service, unparalleled expertise, and reliable calibration. And when you work with Cross, we know you’ll feel the same too.

Accurate and regular barometer calibration services to ensure critical measurements aren’t missed. NIST-traceable calibration services for barometers and other pressure devices.

Barometer Calibration →

Blood pressure monitors need to be regularly calibrated to make sure it’s providing accurate results. When it comes to calibration of critical pressure devices, Cross has you covered.

Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration →

Bursting strength testers allow for accurate measurement of the force required to burst through a material. So keeping them well-calibrated is crucial for equipment performance over time.

Bursting Strength Tester Calibration →

Maintain the quality of goods and materials through expert chart recorder calibration. Whether it’s for food & beverage or an industrial manufacturing operation, chart recorder calibration services are crucial for many in the industrial or commercial worlds.

Chart Recorder Calibration →

Compound gauge devices are able to display two values, typically a positive and negative vacuum pressure. When you need to accurately measure the pressure of a system, think Cross.

Compound Gauge Calibration →

Deadweight tester calibration to ensure accurate readings from a pressure gauge. Whether using pressure or fluid, your deadweight tester should be accurate and reliable.

Dead Weight Tester Calibration →

Calibration for data loggers from Cross Precision Measurement. Ensure that the important area environmental condition data you need is accurate and ready when you need it. Cross can also provide wireless data logging technology services.

Data Logger Calibration →

Measure the difference in pressure between two connections according to recognized calibration standards. Cross can calibrate pressure sensors, pressure gauges, and a variety of other instrumentation.

Differential Pressure Gauge Calibration →

Leak test calibration and calibration of leak test apparatus to ensure the display on a leak detector unit is displaying consistent readings over time. Manage your device calibration with Cross.

Leak Tester Calibration →

Manometer and differential pressure gauge calibration services from Cross Precision Measurement. Accurately measure pressure differentials with precisely calibrated instrumentation.

Manometer Calibration →

Pressure gauge calibration comparing the output of a pressure gauge (or other measurement device) against a NIST traceable standard instrument. Get Cross expert pressure gauge calibration services today.

Pressure Gauge Calibration →

Calibrated pressure relief valve services from Cross Precision Measurement group. These calibrated pressure relief valves (PRV) are essential safety precautions for many systems. Ensure yours is calibrated.

Pressure Relief Valve Calibration →

Pressure transducers calibration services from Cross Precision Measurement. Regular pressure transducer calibration procedures will keep your instrumentation in good working order.

Pressure Transducer Calibration →

Vacuum gauge calibration services to verify instrumentation accuracy for industrial and commercial operations. Get regular calibration services from Cross to ensure repeatable accuracy.

Vacuum Gage Calibration →

Don’t see your pressure equipment on this list? Don’t worry! At Cross, we pride ourselves on investments in pressure calibration equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves and our pressure equipment evolves, we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements with new pressure calibration parameters. Please contact your account manager for more information or contact us for a quote on equipment calibration.

Pressure Calibration Services 1

Your Local Calibration Company

In addition to the broad range of ISO 17025 pressure calibration capabilities offered in our laboratories, many of our laboratories offer pressure calibration onsite and in your facility for convenience. Take a look at our scope of pressure calibration disciplines. As calibration improves and recognized standards change, calibration companies must change to keep up and continue providing the highest degree of accuracy.

That’s why at Cross, we make it our business to always be utilizing the most modern and accepted calibration standards. We know that’s one of the reasons our customers have come to trust our local calibration services. And we know it’s one of the many reasons so many industrial and commercial businesses utilize Cross as their main calibration provider.

Why Cross Precision Measurement?

Your operational success through high-quality calibration services is our goal. That’s why we only provide trained technicians using industry-recognized calibration equipment. This expertise combined with our outstanding customer service is why Cross Precision Measurement has become a go-to calibration company for so many in the industrial and manufacturing worlds. If you’re looking for a calibration company you can trust, you just found one. Contact Cross today and see why so many businesses trust Cross to be their sole precision measurement provider.

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Pressure Calibration Services 2

Since 1939, the precision measurement professionals at J.A. King have been your trusted measurement partner; providing accuracy, reliability, and efficiency to let you focus on what you do best. That same team is now the Precision Measurement Group at Cross. Learn more.

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