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Chart Recorder Calibration

Chart recorder calibration plays a key role in maintaining the quality of goods and materials in many industries. In the food and beverage industry for example, temperature monitoring systems are a crucial factor in maintaining consistency in product, and more importantly ensuring health safety. Organizations such as the FDA require maintenance of specific temperatures during all parts of the production and storage process.

In other industries such as with manufacturing, chart records, along with other process instrumentation equipment play a key role when parts of the production process, such as long-term “soaking” or storage or materials, need to be monitored and recorded. Processing or storing some materials at out-of-tolerance environmental conditions can cause inconsistency at very least, and even catastrophic failure.

The precision measurement group at Cross provides chart recorder calibration services both onsite and in our laboratories, using state of the art NIST traceable equipment. Our technicians have the equipment and technical knowledge to calibrate chart recorders and monitors which utilize functions such as temperature, relative humidity, and pressure monitoring, and many times equipment with all of the above.

Our standard calibration certificates will leave you with the information you need to ensure your equipment is operating within any given tolerances, and are accessible 24 hours a day with our GageSuite® calibration tracking software, so you have the documentation needed at all times, especially when it matters most. For more for more information about chart recorder calibration, or to get a quote for products and services, fill out our form to contact a local Cross team member!

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