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Mobile Systems Integration

Cross is an extension of your design engineering team, solving the most challenging applications with expertise in both hydraulic and electronic control systems.

Take Control Of Your Mobile Work Vehicle

At the Mobile Systems Integration group, we work directly with all our OEM and manufacturing partners to design, prototype, and build a optimized and functional work machine. We take the time to learn your needs, from power output to space management to heat requirements.

When we understand the unique requirements of your particular mobile equipment, we work with you and your team to design and prototype a hydraulic or electric machine that meets your needs.

We’ve been designing, prototyping, and building industrial vehicles for decades. We’ve worked with countless businesses across dozens of industries. And we’re excited to work with you, too.

If you have a heavy industrial vehicle or are managing a fleet, we can make your life easier.

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Mobile System Services

A lot of our customers are just like you. An engineering manager with too many design projects, and not enough time to get them done.

Perhaps you have come up with a unique solution to a market need, but you need someone to take this machine concept, complete the design, build a prototype, and get it to production in a timely fashion.

You can either hire more people (if you can find them), or consider a system integrator like Cross Company. We become an extension of your design engineering team and enable you to get projects to market faster.

As part of a complete system integration, this could include some or all of the following

Custom hydraulic system design and build. We offer in-house and remote vehicle prototyping services.

Vehicle Control Systems Prototyping→

Custom hydraulic system designs that solve the real challenges mobile machines and manufacturers face.

Hydraulic System Design→

Electronic control systems for the mobile vehicle industry. Providing the best control systems for OEMs.

Electronic Control System Design→

Get all the hose assemblies you need for your mobile work machine in one convenient place.

Hose Kitting→

Custom control panels and panel fabrication for hydraulic, electric, or hybrid work vehicles.

Mobile Control Panel Design and Build→

Optimized hydraulic reservoir systems and mobile hydraulic reservoir design for original equipment manufacturers.

Hydraulic Reservoir Design→

Custom hydraulic manifold block design with custom or integrated systems. Simplify your design.

Hydraulic Manifold Design→

IoT development and solutions for IoT connected vehicles. Get the analytics you need when you need them.

Mobile IoT Development and Implementation→

Idle mitigation and engine shut off at stop technology. Battery-powered idle reduction systems.

Idle Mitigation→

Real Life Case Study

Anderson Underbridge

See why Anderson UnderBridge has been partnered with Cross Mobile System Integration on hydraulic and control projects for nearly 15 years. When new ANSI A92 standards required that the platform have loadsensing technology, Anderson UnderBridge used it as an opportunity to redesign and improve the entire machine.

Open loop, closed loop, or power takeoff. We can provide the hydraulic pumps your mobile machine needs.


Gear motors, piston motors, vane motors, electric motors, and many others. Get the right motor for your mobile application.


From electronic joysticks to vision and collision avoidance systems, we have the hydraulic control components you need.

Mobile Control Components→

Mobile vehicle electrification components to help make the switch to electric. Generators, batteries, and more.

Equipment Electrification Components→

Mobile System Products

The best-designed hydraulic or electric systems need the best products. From the right mobile control components to cutting-edge vehicle electrification equipment. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers in the mobile work vehicle industry allows us to provide those parts to you.

The right parts and components are critical to long-term machine performance. Having a hydraulic motor that’s not right for your machine can lead to shorter lifespans, decreased productivity, and increased downtime. Those are all things we want to avoid.

When you work with Cross Mobile Systems Integration group, you know you’re getting the right parts for your machine. We learn the ins-and-outs of your mobile work vehicle so we can always suggest the best products for your needs and budget.

Check out our products or talk to one of our experts today.

Industries We Serve

We work with a wide variety of companies across dozens of industries. From prototyping work trucks to custom hydraulic manifold design and integration, Cross Mobile Systems Integration can design and prototype a full solution for you, no matter your industry.

When it comes to mobile work machinery, no two vehicles are exactly alike. That’s why we take the time to learn your exact mobile machine needs. Then we can design an ideal solution that takes into account your manufacturing process, your job needs, and your end users.

Mobile Equipment Solutions

A solution involves taking a project from concept to completion. That means we don’t just draw up designs, make recommendations, and call it a day. With our in-house prototyping at our Mobile Technology Center, we’re able to fully design and build the mobile vehicle systems we recommend.

At Cross, we offer hands-on solutions for mobile machine manufacturers. From design to integration.

When working with on or off-road machinery, having a full solution in place is necessary. Taking into account factors like space allocation, heat distribution, electrical needs, and controls is crucial. When all these components are integrated perfectly, you get a machine that gets the job done without perpetual maintenance.

Check out our solutions or contact an expert today.

From full work vehicle electrification to hybrid machines, we make the switch to electric simple.

Vehicle Electrification→

Complete overhaul of your hydraulic or electric vehicle. Make sure you have the right parts working together for the best product.

Vehicle Optimization→

Why Cross Company?

Choosing to partner with Cross is a commitment to creating a quality product for your end user. Our mission is to create sustainable, productive, and efficient mobile machines to meet the needs of our customers as well as all future machine owners and operators

There’s a reason we’ve been designing, prototyping, and building mobile machines for as long as we have. Cross Company has become synonymous with quality for our customers due to our products, services, solutions, and above all, our dedication to our customers.

Our philosophy is simple: when you succeed, we succeed. So we work hard to give you everything you need to succeed. That way we can innovate the industrial world together.

If you’re having an issue with your mobile work truck, we can help. If you need a complete design overhaul, we can do that too. Our custom solutions combined with our experience and expertise is what sets Cross apart in the world of mobile vehicle manufacturing.

Talk to a Cross mobile systems expert today and we know you’ll agree.





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Industries We Serve

Providing high-quality services for mobile work vehicles and heavy-duty-industrial equipment across dozens of industries. 


Our experts are the value behind our offering.  With real world experience in a range of specializations, our team has compiled a wealth of resources for our customers.

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