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Airport Support Equipment

The Aviation world is in constant motion. It is an industry with a legacy and a future of innovation including the specialized vehicles that make up the “ground support equipment” manufacturing industry. Cross Company has supported this industry for years with innovative hydraulic system designs and more recently, state of the art control systems. Our control systems can be found on mobile belt conveyors, air start units, and remote air conditioning systems at airports worldwide.

Today, due to the greater risk of GSE contact with aircraft and the resulting damage that could go unnoticed on composite aircraft fuselage areas, collision avoidance is a growing concern met with new technology. Currently, airlines spend upwards of $5B to repair GSE damage to aircraft annually. More and more aircraft interface equipment like belt loaders, cargo loaders, and passenger stairs are fitted with a multitude of sensor types including ultrasonic, radar, and IR camera technology to warn operators of their proximity to the aircraft. The sensor array is married to a control system that interprets the sensor input and begins an operator warning progression that ultimately will stop the vehicle avoiding contact with the aircraft.

Common Applications

  • Luggage transportation
  • Passenger transportation
  • Remote air conditioning
  • Collision avoidance

Products, Services, and Complete Solutions

  • Belt loaders
  • Cargo loaders
  • Passenger stairways
  • Ultrasonic, radar, and IR sensors
  • Control systems

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