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Battery Manufacturing

Providing Tangible Value for Battery Manufacturers

At Cross Company, our key value drivers center around customer success. With a focus on innovation, we aim to help our customers grow their businesses. Take a look at how our we provide tangible results for this industry and learn more about our Innovate, Grow, Transform initiative.

Increase Efficiency

Automation for battery manufacturing facilities that need to run continuously and without fail.

Improve Quality

Accurate and reliable monitoring and measurement equipment including temperature, level, flow and more.

Reduce Risk

Staying up to date with the latest control systems ensures your system remains secure from cyberattacks and other threats.

Improve Safety

Our team can help you implement control system technology to keep your systems in check while keeping your maintenance team safe.
Automation for battery manufacturing facilities that need to run continuously and without fail.
Accurate and reliable monitoring and measurement equipment including temperature, level, flow and more.
Staying up to date with the latest control systems ensures your system remains secure from cyberattacks and other threats.
Our team can help you implement control system technology to keep your systems in check while keeping your maintenance team safe.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk in Battery Manufacturing

Electrification is rapidly becoming a reality for many manufacturers. Whether it’s EV batteries for the automotive industry or larger, multi-cell batteries for industrial equipment, there’s no denying that battery manufacturing facilities are in increasing demand. As the global shift towards more renewable energy sources continues, the demand for battery manufacturing will only increase. And Cross is here to help.

Our extensive knowledge of process manufacturing needs, our technical expertise, and our partnerships with leading manufacturers makes Cross an excellent choice to be a provider for your battery manufacturing plant.

Between our different groups, we can provide a wide range of products, services, and solutions to battery manufacturers and battery manufacturing facilities. From industrial automation to calibration to process control, Cross has an extensive industry offering for the battery manufacturing industry. Ensure you’re producing the optimal battery assembly with help from Cross Company.

Process Solutions for Battery Manufacturing

As vehicle electrification and industrial battery usage increases in prevalence, battery manufacturers have had to increase production, upgrade equipment, and change processes. Cross can work with your operation to provide value across your entire production process. From optimizing process monitoring services to performing any necessary repairs, our process experts can work with you to ensure your process is flowing smoothly, measuring accurately, and is providing a safe work environment for personnel.

Cross Process Solutions can help with greenfield installations, legacy system migrations, process overhauls, process monitoring, and many other critical components that ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Through our extensive industry partnerships, we can also provide high-quality parts replacement. Or if a valve doesn’t need to be completely replaced, we can service it in our valve repair center. Our process experts can work with you to ensure your battery manufacturing operation is operating the way you need it to.

Our experts offer services to ensure your battery manufacturing operation runs safely and efficiently. Whether its calibrating your purchased instrumentation products, or determining when it’s time to replace or upgrade equipment, our team of experts can make sure your instrumentation allows your facility to operate efficiently and safely.

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From the first conversation between your team and ours, we make every consideration to ensure the long term success of your project. We don’t just sell you a product, we’ll make sure it’s up and running within your system.

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Our control valve products, intelligent devices and software products are engineered to improve your process performance and reliability.
We provide tailor-made actuation products and services that fit your application and specifications.

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Are you considering replacing one or more of your flow meters? How do you know which needs to be replaced? One way to handle this is to replace all of them, which can get expensive. However, Cross Company can provide a second option, an on-site flow survey. This will let you know which of your permanently fixed flow meters need to be replaced and which are measuring correctly, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

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We have two models: a service contract with a certain number of hours to use or, for larger or more complex operations which require frequent maintenance, an embedded programmer is more appropriate. This is a Cross associate who works on your site full-time for a contracted time and helps with any control system programming as necessary.

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process repair services in facility

Why Cross Process Solutions?

The Process Solutions group at Cross Company has been a go-to solution provider for battery manufacturers and manufacturing facilities throughout our service area. Our experienced and factory-trained technicians are capable of providing the process control, audit, and repair services our customers need to succeed. We work directly with battery manufacturing operations to help smooth production and create innovation in end-to-end battery solutions. And we can provide those services to your operation, too.

We always aim to provide the highest quality parts and services to our customers, and this is particularly true for battery manufacturing operations. If you’re engaged with upstream material processing, component production, and cell production, we have reliable solutions for you. If your operation specializes in material processing for batteries, battery component production operations, or battery cell manufacturing, Cross can help.

Contact the Cross Process Solutions group today to learn more about our process optimization, installation, and repair services for battery manufacturing facilities.

Battery Facility Metrology and Calibration Services

Our Precision Measurement group is able to provide a wide range of calibration, testing, and dimensional metrology services to battery manufacturing plants. Whether it’s onsite calibration services to ensure accurate measurements or inspection services to ensure your production process is operating as intended, Cross Precision Measurement can help.

We can provide you with expert calibration services for battery manufacturers either on-site or in one of our many calibration labs near you. Our ISO 17025 calibration laboratories boast state-of-the-art calibration and testing equipment in addition to highly trained technicians and calibration experts. That way, we’re able to provide all our battery manufacturing customers with the calibration, inspection, testing, or metrology service they need when they need them.

When it comes to battery manufacturing plants, accurate measurements for critical components is absolutely essential. More than that, you need to be able to trust your equipment in order to provide a high-quality product. Cross Precision Measurement provides that trust.

Formerly J.A. King – the precision measurement group at Cross offers one of the broadest ranges of accredited calibration services in the industry with service plans tailored to your individual needs. Enlisting Cross to calibrate your equipment allows you to have the utmost confidence in your measurements.

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Verify the performance of any instrument measuring or testing certain electrical parameters. Get the electronic calibration services you need from Cross.

Clamp Meter Calibration
Data Logger Calibration
Hipot Tester Calibration
Multimeter Calibration
Ohm Meter Calibration
Oscilloscope Calibration
Power Supply Calibration
Welder Calibration

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calibration procedures for scales and weighing systems

Why Cross Precision Measurement?

When you work with Cross Precision Measurement, you can expect precise calibration services (with quick turnaround times), thorough inspection services, extensive testing services, and many other metrological services (dimensional and otherwise) for battery manufacturers and facilities. Between our on-site services and calibration labs, Cross is able to be a single-source calibration company for battery manufacturing facilities.

All of our calibration services are performed based on the needs and requirements of the customer. Meaning we can provide the exact metrology, testing, or inspection services your battery facility needs, when you need them. We can work with you to devise a schedule for calibration and inspection, and provide you access to our calibration management and equipment tracking software, GageSuite. That way you never miss a calibration.

With battery manufacturing becoming such a large player in the industrial landscape, it’s especially important to ensure your production process is running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re an automotive/commercial battery manufacturer or in industrial battery production, if you’re looking for a professional calibration company with experience in your industry, look no further. Contact one of our metrology experts today to begin the process.

Automation for Battery Assembly

Just as the demand for battery manufacturing facilities is rising, so too is the demand for quality industrial automation. The Automation group of Cross Company is able to provide industrial automation equipment as well as equipment for robotics, pneumatics, or motion control for your battery manufacturing facility.

Whether it’s to eliminate repetitive tasks to free up workers, to increase productivity through industrial robotics, or increase facility safety through keeping personnel away from more dangerous areas, Cross Automation has a solution for you. Our Automation group works directly with our customers to devise a customized automation solution based on facility size, production quotas, safety requirements, and many other factors.

In the battery manufacturing industry, a higher-quality battery produced faster than the competitors is the surest way of capturing your market. Cross can make that task easier for you with industrial automation and robotics.

Whether you are dealing with staffing shortages or simply want to utilize your human labor for higher value tasks elsewhere in your facility, automation is a great solution. Our specialties include packaging and material handling, machine tending, testing and quality, and automated measurement.

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As a machine builder you are constantly working to improve your product. Our team of experts can help you with the automation components and sub assemblies. We offer a wide range of automation components including actuators, servo and stepper motors, gantries, pneumatic valves, end of arm tools, HMIs, and more.

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doosan robot application

Why Cross Automation?

Our automation group has worked with countless industrial manufacturing facilities to optimize production processes, free up workers to focus on more critical tasks, and automate manual processes through customized industrial automation for battery manufacturers. And we can provide those same services to your battery manufacturing plant, too.

When we’re proposing automation for your facility, we take the time to learn how your particular production process works. That way, we can design an automation solution that can fit into your existing infrastructure and optimize your process without massive work stoppage or major system overhauls. Then we’ll provide you with the support necessary to seamlessly integrate your new automation solution into your existing battery production process.

If you’re running a material processing operation, a component production company, or even cell production plant, we have the industrial automation solutions you need to streamline your process, free up your workers, and drive innovation. Contact one of our automation experts today to discuss automation for battery manufacturing facilities.

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Keep Your Battery Manufacturing Safe and Efficient

Proper inspection and regular maintenance is one of the most important components in ensuring continuous production at a high level. Beyond that, it’s also one of the most important means of ensuring safety for facility personnel. When you have well maintained, expertly installed, and regularly inspected equipment, your ability to operate safely and efficiently increases dramatically. Working with Cross is a way to achieve that.

Health and Safety Concerns

A battery manufacturing facility can be a dangerous place for workers. Cross can provide automation for dangerous processes, monitoring systems to ensure operator safety, inspection to ensure machines are up to date, and calibration services. Neglecting these services can be extremely costly and detrimental to the production process of your battery plant.

Energy and Process Management

Efficiently using energy within an efficiently managed process is how many battery manufacturing plants are able to out-perform competitors. But poor energy management can lead to increased operational costs, more frequent repairs, and potential service disruptions. Cross can work with you to reduce the risks associated with energy and process management.

Maintaining Compliance

For battery manufacturing facilities, there are a number of compliance and regulatory standards that must be met to pass inspections and ensure compliance and personnel safety. Cross can help reduce the operational strain of managing all of the safety systems necessary to operate by providing expert inspection, repair, and calibration services for your battery manufacturing operation.

How Can Cross Company Help?

At Cross Company, our focus is on our customers. Whether it’s a simple on-site calibration or management of complex process systems, we always provide the same world-class, customer-focused service. And we can provide it for your battery manufacturing facility, too.

With our focus on customer service and satisfaction, we can make sure you get the systems and inspection services you need to smoothly run your campus. From routine maintenance to quick repairs to ongoing monitoring, we work directly with all of our customers to make sure their needs are met.

When it comes to battery manufacturing facilities, there are many unique challenges that call for an expert. Cross can be that expert for you. Contact us today to start the process.

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