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Gas Detection Calibration

Cross Company Gas Detection System Calibration Services

Cross’s Process Solutions Group is your one-stop shop for all your gas detection needs. Not only can we help you specify the correct fixed or portable gas detector for your application, but we can also calibrate it for you.

Using NIST-traceable standards, we can make sure your detectors are measuring as intended in order to protect your facility and your employees.

Cross can provide certificates of calibration (including as-found and as-left data for regulatory and audit purposes) as well as automated and manual bump testing and calibration services.

For the ultimate in safety and reliability, consider a calibration contract with Cross.

The Importance Of Gas Detection

It’s hard to overstate the importance of well-calibrated gas detection systems or devices. If calibrated incorrectly, it can pose a significant risk to both production process and worker health. That’s why you need an experienced gas detector calibration company as your partner. And that’s just what Cross Company is.

When Cross is your gas monitor calibration partner, we provide on-site inspections and calibration, as well as detailed reporting on the status of your portable or fixed gas detection systems. As an industry-leading calibration company, we’re able to spot potential calibration issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Fixed or portable gas detectors need to be regularly calibrated. Anyone who works in a plant utilizing them knows the importance of regular calibration and inspection. If something happens, they’re your primary line of defense. Make sure they’re not just gathering dust.

Increased safety

Regulatory compliance

Lower unplanned downtime

Regular calibration

Timely warnings

Personnel protection

Prevent Toxic Gas Exposure

Toxic gas detection is important throughout many industries utilizing gases that may be harmful to workers in the event of exposure. Some have a distinct smell (such as CO2) that makes them quickly identifiable. Others, however, may have no smell at all. Meaning that if no calibrated gas detector is in place, the outcomes could be dire.

Using gas detection systems to monitor toxic gases is particularly important for industries such as oil and chemical.

Toxic gas detection systems also must be regularly inspected and calibrated. Toxic gas leaks can result in fire, explosions, or even death. So it’s important to partner with a gas detection system calibration company who has the experience and knowledge to ensure top performance.

Water and Wastewater Treatment


Oil and Natural Gas

Waste and Landfill

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pulp and Paper

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Accurately Monitor Oxygen Depletion

Normal required oxygen levels are somewhere between 19 and 23%. It generally isn’t a problem to maintain that. However, when working in an environment with the potential for gas leaks, this is something that must be taken into account.

Should O2 levels fall below the acceptable range, workers can experience a variety of symptoms. From excessive drowsiness to nausea, the effects of oxygen depletion can be immediately felt.

Where you would run into trouble would be oxygen ranges falling below the 12% marker. This can cause loss of consciousness or even result in hospitalization or death. Don’t risk it. Take the proactive steps required to protect your workers with expert calibration for gas detection systems

Facility Safety And OSHA Compliance

According to an OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin from 2013, “Calibrating and Testing Direct-Reading Portable Gas Monitors“:

Instrument inaccuracy due to improper or irregular maintenance and calibration can lead to exposure to hazardous levels of toxic gases or to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. This exposure can cause workers to suffer serious injuries or illness, and even death. Flammable gas explosions are often catastrophic, resulting in worker injuries and death, or destruction of property.

Testing gas detection systems to make sure they are properly calibrated is the only way to guarantee reliable and correct measurement of and warning against gas hazards. Calibration should be performed regularly, as environmental factors or simply routine wear and tear can cause the sensor to drift over time.

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Why Cross Gas Detection Calibration?

With something as important as gas detection systems, it’s important to partner with the right gas monitor calibration company. Subpar calibration for gas detection systems can result in injury, extended plant downtime, or even worker death.

The potential repercussions of a lack of calibration underscore the necessity of a professional calibration company. At Cross, we’ve been performing expert gas detection system calibrations for decades. We’ve become an industry leader in calibration and precision measurement for a reason.

The team at Cross’s Process Solutions Group has literally hundreds of years of combined expertise in gas detection. Whether you need something that your employees can wear daily or a fixed system for your facility, we can help you specify it, get you up and running and keep your equipment measuring correctly. If you have a question or an issue, we’re positive we can help!

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See How Our Process Solutions Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk.

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