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Established in 1946, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a global leader in measurement and weight-based solutions, backed by the industry’s best service, selection and speed. As experts in precision weighing, Cross has experience servicing and repairing a variety of equipment to keep our customers up and running with high quality Rice Lake products.

As a regional distributor for Rice Lake throughout all of our territories, Cross offers a variety of high quality precision weighing equipment ranging from truck scales and crane scales to balances and indicators. Ask us which equipment is available in your area!


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With an extensive background in a variety of industries, Cross has relationships with a number of leading brands, including exclusive distributorships in some areas. We are proud to offer Rice Lake in the following areas:








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Have you ever wondered what defines an analytical balance? From Rice Lake: “An analytical balance is a highly sensitive type of laboratory balance designed to accurately measure objects to sub-milligram readability. These balances are often used in chemical analysis applications.“ This article from Rice Lake explains the basic terms for…

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