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Improve efficiency and reduce downtime in your plastic production with help from Cross Company.

Innovative Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Cross company offers a range of technical solutions for the plastics manufacturing industry. Our products and solutions provide tangible value for your operation, targeting quality and efficiency in your process. With a track record of real return on investment, you can be confident that working with Cross will benefit your plastic machining or manufacturing operation.

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Robotic Machine Tending Solution

For example, at Cross, we know that cycle time is a key factor that can be strongly influenced by unscheduled machine downtime and length of start-up time. Both of these factors can be better controlled and decreased through the use of an automated solution. As little as five minutes of downtime can take 30-40 minutes to recoup in production.

Our automation group develops solutions to significantly reduce downtime and free up human operators to do additional, more meaningful tasks that may be too difficult or impractical to automate. Some examples of process efficiencies where automated solutions can be implemented with a fast ROI in plastics machine tending and secondary processes:

Sprue, flash and burr removal

Part transfer from cooling conveyor to tray, bin, or box

Repetitive insertion of overmold part or insert mold placement

Simple secondary insert process (rivet, seal in cap, screws, etc)

Weight measurement with visual inspection

Banding, stacking, boxing of completed goods Palletizing of completed boxes

Custom Automation for Plastics Manufacturers

Our automation engineers focus on designing and delivering a custom tailored solution for your specific application, turnkey integration, and follow-up support as needed. We have applied custom automation for plastics manufacturers and many in the plastics industry to help significantly improve their efficiency.

Because floorspace is limited in plastic production environments, many of the solutions we have implemented require no more space than a human operator. What’s more, they utilize collaborative robotic technology that typically requires less floor space. Some examples of automation projects that have driven results in the plastics processing industry include: 

Pick Transfer

Pick and place


Robot assisted inspection

Machine tending

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Robotic Packaging Solution
Plastics 28
Custom Fixturing for Plastics

Measurement and Inspection for Plastics

In addition to automation solutions, we offer a range of inspection solutions and precision measurement for the plastics industry. For example, when you are inspecting complex or hard to measure parts to ensure quality, custom fixtures can help hold parts in a repeatable position to be measured by a CMM or vision inspection system. If you are manufacturing parts such as lids, you may need to test the force required to open or shut. A custom force fixture can help to ensure consistency in your testing process. Custom inspection and measurement fixtures include:

CMM fixtures

Force fixtures

Scale fixtures

Vacuum fixtures

Vision Fixtures

Providing Tangible Value for Plastics Manufacturing

At Cross Company, our key value drivers center around customer success. With a focus on innovation, we aim to help our customers grow their businesses. Take a look at how our we provide tangible results for the Plastics Manufacturing industry. Learn more about our Innovate, Grow, Transform initiative.

Increase Efficiency

Significantly decrease downtime in your process with our automation solutions.

Reduce Risk

Free up human operators to do additional, more meaningful and less repetitive tasks that would be too difficult and impractical to automate.

Improve Quality

Move and measure a range of plastic components automatically, ensuring uniformity in your process.

Latest Case Studies

When a manufacturer required a large machine tending solution for lifting oversized parts into a washing system, they reached out to cross company. Take

A range of expertise for the plastics industry

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how we can help you to improve efficiency and reduce downtime in your plastic production process. Take a look at everything we have to offer for the plastics industry:



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Complete Solutions for the Plastics Industry

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