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Plastics Industry Newsletter – April 2024

Is your equipment list growing through plant consolidation but not your manpower?

It’s a common refrain that we hear with many of our customers. Due to shifting demand in certain areas or industries, plants are being closed, with their equipment being shipped to areas where it’s needed. What never seems to shift is the manpower to keep all that equipment in calibration!

Luckily, Cross Precision Measurement can help with a range of calibration services to suit your particular need:

Plastics Industry Newsletter - April 2024 1
  • Just need us to help out with a few pieces of equipment or something specialized which you don’t have the standards for? One of our twenty ISO 17025 certified labs can help with per piece calibration.
  • Want us to come onsite to supplement your team? All of our labs offer onsite calibration services to save time and reduce the amount of back-up equipment needed.
  • Need someone (or several people) full time? Cross also offers full-time embedded calibration and QA/QC services, where our associates work on your site exclusively for you. We have decades of experience over hundreds of different sites, so we can work with you to design an embedded solution tailored to your specific needs.

With world-class technical expertise and unbeatable customer service, Cross Precision Measurement delivers the best in calibration with a smile. And don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about one of our branches or look here for the branch nearest you.

Need to get more out of your old CMM? Upgrade it!

The structure of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is built to measure for 20 years or more. But unfortunately, the control systems, electronics and software aren’t so long lasting. Not only will they need more and more maintenance and support but they can quickly become outdated as new technology is developed.

CMMs are also expensive pieces of capital equipment to replace which can be hard to justify. Not to mention the hassle of moving an old one out and the new one in! Fortunately, Cross Precision Measurement can help. For any brand of CMM, keep your existing hardware but upgrade to state-of-the-art electronics and control systems.

What's New at Cross

Case Study: Plastic injection molder reduces downtime with fluid filtration from Schroeder Industries for a 1st year ROI of 145%

A tier 1 automotive supplier making injection molded interior parts was experiencing high machine down-time on their 40 injection molding machines in the facility due to hydraulic system failures.

Cross partner Schroeder Industries recommended an OLF-Compact offline filtration solution with integrated contamination monitoring. After implementation, they did not have to replace any servo proportional valves nor incurred any other contamination-related hydraulic system failure costs. Overall, the ROI was 145% after the first year.

Did You Know?

Need help with parts inspection? Consider Cross's onsite inspection

We see it all the time: customers who have more parts to be inspected than resources to perform the inspection. Whether you’re short a person or don’t have enough equipment to use, that growing backlog can be stressful and costly. Cross’s onsite inspection capability can help. We bring our own portable CMM to your facility at a time convenient for you and stay as long as you need us. We can also help with first article inspections (FAI), 3D scanning, fixture certification and more.

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Raise Quality

Need someone to train your team to use a Faro portable CMM or Polyworks? Contact the inspection team at Cross. As you can see from the article above, our inspection experts work with Faro arms daily and would be glad to train your team on the basics of using them.

Polyworks is fast becoming the industry standard for inspection software. It’s tremendously powerful and once you know how to use it, pretty intuitive. If your team needs training on Polyworks, we can help with that, too!

Plastics Industry Newsletter - April 2024 3

Improve Efficiency

Thermoplastic hose has many advantages over traditional rubber hose in a plastics environment including:

  • Up to 5 x the abrasion resistance of traditional hose
  • Permeation resistance, especially to carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen
  • Reduce machine noise by using thermoplastic hose with reinforcement, for improved operator comfort and less noise pollution

Parker’s line of thermoplastic hose and tubing, Parflex, fits virtually any application on the manufacturing floor. Find out more about these flexible and durable alternatives to rubber hose.

Plastics Industry Newsletter - April 2024 4

Improve Efficiency

Let’s face it, brand new dimensional measurement equipment is expensive! For some products and processes, it’s worth the money but for others, you need a more cost effective option. Cross Precision Measurement can help!

Over the past two years, we’ve been upgrading our Greenville, SC inspection lab. We’ve added new CMMs from LK and video measurement machines from OGP. As a result, we’re almost out of room!

To free up some floor space, we’re selling two of our older CMMs, a Wenzel LH65 and a Wenzel XO10.15.7.

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

Latest Cross Company Updates

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