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Flow Measurement

Cross Company Flow Measurement

Flow measurements are critical to many processes. The application of accurate, dependable, and repeatable flow meters impact the production, efficiency, and safety of process facilities. There are a wide variety of flow technologies available.

To help our customers select the best flowmeter for their application, Cross Company employs an experienced team of Flow Specialists. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a complete range of flow technologies.

Enhancing Process Efficiency and Control

Flow measurement is a critical consideration in industrial processes. If your industrial process involves monitoring the rate of fluid or gas movement within a system, you need to be able to trust your flow measurement equipment.

Precise flow measurement is essential for a wide range of industries. This can include oil and gas, water treatment, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. Within these industries, flow measurement impacts process efficiency, product quality, and resource optimization. In many facilities, accurate measurement and monitoring of these processes is necessary for long-term success.

At Cross Process Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of flow measurement instrumentation that ensures precise and reliable flow monitoring, allowing businesses to enhance their process control and overall productivity.

With magnetic flow meters, process operations can accurately measure the flow rate of conductive fluids. These non-intrusive meters are unaffected by fluid properties and offer exceptional reliability.

Magnetic Flow Meters →

Propeller flow meters are designed to measure the flow rates of liquids with low viscosity. This makes them ideal for applications such as irrigation, water distribution, and wastewater treatment.

Propeller Flow Meters →

Thermal mass flow meters are ideal tools for measuring gas flows and performing mass flow measurement without the need for pressure or temperature compensation. They are widely used in the semiconductor, pharma, and petrochemical industries.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters →

Our turbine and oval flow meters are widely used in industries requiring accurate flow measurements of low-viscosity liquids. These meters are able to offer high accuracy and durability, making them suitable for applications in oil, gas, chemicals, and power generation.

Turbine and Oval Flow Meters →

If you’re looking for non-intrusive flow measurement, our ultrasonic flow meters can be a versatile solution fit for a wide range of industries. They are ideal for applications involving clean or dirty liquids, meaning they can be used in water utilities, municipal, HVAC, and much more.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters →

Variable area flow meters operate on the principle of fluid displacement. This means they’re highly used in gas and liquid applications. These flow meters provide simplicity, reliability, and ease of installation.

Variable Area Flow Meters →

Vortex flow meters from Cross offer precise and stable flow measurements, making them suitable for a range of steam, gas, and liquid applications. These flow meters are also extremely resilient to vibration, making them ideal for many industrial environments.

Vortex Flow Meters →

Cross Company offers expertise in water, and BTU energy metering for a wide variety of sectors including; large and small commercial complexes, industrial, government and university campuses, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Water and BTU Energy Metering →

The Cross service team brings a clamp-on portable flow meter and uses it to measure the flow at the same location as the fixed flow meter. We use NIST-traceable field calibrators to ensure the accuracy of our results and enter the data into asset management software to track all your equipment.

Flow Surveys →

At Cross, we offer a wide range of differential pressure flow meters that measure flow rates through the creation of a pressure drop across a flow element. These ensure efficient process control and reliable data for critical applications.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters →

Applications of Flow Measurement Instruments

There are many different industries that require reliable flow measurement instruments. For instance, flow measurement is a necessary parameter in the oil and gas industry for well testing, custody transfer, and flow assurance. Being able to accurately measure flow ensures proper allocation and efficient production. This is also true for water treatment, where wastewater distribution and the treatment process must be monitored effectively.

Within pharmaceutical manufacturing and food & beverage processing, flow measurement instrumentation is used to control ingredient dosing, batch mixing, and quality control. On a broader scale, this also applies to chemical processing, where it’s critical to control the flow of raw materials and monitor reactions.

The bottom line is that if you’re working in a process facility, no matter your specific industry or market, flow measurement needs to be a consideration.

Oil and gas

Water and wastewater treatment

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Food and beverage processing

Municipal/utilities management

Benefits of Cross Flow Measurement

There are many benefits to working with Cross Process Solutions for your flow measurement equipment. Some of those benefits include

Increased Efficiency

Accurate flow measurement enhances process efficiency by enabling optimal flow rates and ensuring that all components receive the required amount of fluid or gas. This leads to improved quality and greater consistency, increasing efficiency

Long-Term Savings

Investing in high-quality flow measurement equipment results in increased process efficiency, reduced downtime, increased safety, and minimized maintenance expenses. All of this results in long-term cost savings for your operation as a whole

High-Quality Products

At Cross, we maintain strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers. That means we’re able to provide cutting-edge equipment to our customers. It also means you’re able to get the flow measurement tools you need, when you need them

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Flow Measurement?

Ready to optimize your process instrumentation? Cross is ready to help. Reach out to our team of experienced process engineers, application specialists, and other experts to discuss your application needs. We’ll work directly with you to understand your unique challenges and deliver the right solutions to provide tangible value for your operation and drive your success.

By choosing Cross, you can confidently address your process control challenges and optimize the performance, safety, and efficiency of your industrial processes. This also sets your process operation up to be more competitive within your market and more successful in the long-run through efficient optimization.

Contact a member of our Process Solutions team today to learn more or to start the process. And see for yourself why so many operations in the industrial world choose to work with Cross Process Solutions again and again.

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At Cross, we offer much more than just process instrumentation. We can also provide the solutions our process manufacturing partners need to succeed. Check out our other process solutions equipment and see for yourself.

See How Our Process Solutions Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk.

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