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Variable Area Flow Meters

Cross Company Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)

A variable area meter (also known as a rotameter) is a flow meter that measures volumetric flow of liquids and gases. VA Meters typically consist of a Tapered tube (Glass or Metal) and a float which could also be described as a shaped weight. There are numerous float shapes in use, but spheres and ellipsoids are the most common.

The float is pushed up by the drag force of the flow and pulled down by gravity. As the flow increases, the float rises in the tapered tube until reaching a point where the upward force exerted by the flow and downward force of gravity are in balance. As the float settles to a stable position, a reading can be taken typically by using the top of the float as a point of reference against an internally mounted flow scale.

If you’re in need of a reliable, high-quality variable area flow meter, Cross Company Process Solutions can help.

Variable Area Flow Meter Advantages and Disadvantages

With the exception of those meters equipped with transmitters, alarms, etc., standard VA meters require no power. They are simple to use and because the flow tube span increases proportionally as the float moves up, the scale is considered to be approximately linear.

Other than those VA Meters that are equipped with a spring loaded float, gravity dictates that VA meters be used in a vertical position with the flow going up. Like a turbine meter, VA meters are set up for specific conditions. Any change in specific gravity, viscosity, process temperature, etc., can affect the overall accuracy of the meter.

These considerations are why it’s so important to work with an experienced flow measurement professional. An expert who understands your application, your industry, and your process. A company like Cross Company Process Solutions.

Mostly require no additional power

Simple to use and operate

Easy to integrate

Accurately measure condition changes

Variety of configuration options

Typical VA Meter Applications

Typical applications for a VA meter include:

  • Chemical Injection
  • Dosing
  • Boiler Control
  • Purge Applications
  • Tank Blanketing

As well as any simple flow measurement application measuring gasses and/or clean, low viscosity liquids.

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Variable Area Flow Meters Industry Applications

Variable area flow meters have applications in diverse industries and processes. Some of these applications include

Chemical Processing – VA flow meters are frequently used to measure the flow rates of chemicals in chemical processing plants. They are utilized to monitor the precise quantities of chemicals necessary.

Water Treatment – In wastewater treatment facilities, rotameters are used to measure the flow of water and chemicals during different treatment stages. This ensures efficient water treatment processes.

Pharmaceuticals – Variable area flowmeters are utilized in pharmaceutical production to measure the flow of liquids used in drug manufacturing processes.

Petrochemicals – Within the petrochemical industry, variable area flow meters are used to measure the flow of oil, gas, or other hydrocarbons in the refinement process.

Benefits of Variable Area Flow Meters

There are many benefits to using a variable area flow meter from Cross Company for your process application. Some of those benefits include

Easy Installation and Operation

Rotameters have a straightforward design with no electrical components. This makes them easy to install and operate. With less moving parts, they also require less maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous flow measurement.

Wide Range of Fluid Compatibility

VA flow meters are compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases. This makes them suitable for a diverse range of applications. They can be tailored to the specific properties of the fluid being measured, ensuring accuracy in various conditions.

High Accuracy

Variable area flow meters provide high accuracy in flow measurement, particularly when calibrated for specific fluids and conditions. Additionally, they can provide immediate feedback on the flow rate without the need for additional instruments.

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Variable Area Flow Meters?

Partnering with Cross Company Process Solutions for your process instrumentation provides you with numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your operations and streamline your processes. Whether it’s benefitting from our extensive expertise, our industry experience, our comprehensive product offering, or even our world-class customer support, if you need process instrumentation, we have a solution.

As a forward-thinking, future-minded company, we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in process instrumentation and flow technology. We do this by maintaining and creating strategic partnerships with respected, industry-leading manufacturers. And by partnering with us, your operation stands to benefit from those partnerships.

By choosing Cross Company Process Solutions for your process instrumentation, you get the advantages of extensive expertise, a comprehensive product portfolio, customized solutions, exceptional customer support, and continuous innovation. Our commitment to our customers and our leading solutions make Cross a reliable partner for your process instrumentation needs.

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Our catalog of products includes, low-flow, glass-tube flow meters, armored metal tube flow meters, high-flow, glass-tube flow meters, and plastic tube flow meters.  

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At Cross, we offer much more than just VA flow meters. We can also provide the solutions our process manufacturing partners need to succeed. Check out our other process instrumentation equipment and see for yourself.

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