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Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Cross Company Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential pressure flow meters or DP meters, are a type of flow meter that measures liquid, steam, or gas by use of the Bernoulli principle. That means they operate based on the principle of creating a pressure difference between two points in a flow system. Then the rate of flow is determined by measuring the pressure drop in the flow path.

Cross offers a range of differential pressure flow meters from leading brands such as McCrometer to customers in our territories throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Take a look at some of the most common fields of application we service and contact our process solutions team to get a quote for a differential flow meter today!

Accurate Monitoring for Optimized Processes

There are many reasons a process facility or process application would choose to utilize differential pressure flow meters. Some of those reasons include simplicity, ease of integration, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of applications. In particular, they are well-suited for measuring the flow rates in large pipelines and are built to handle both high-pressure and high-temperature fluids.

Within industrial processes or flow applications, being able to accurately and reliably measure flow is a necessary step in controlling processes, optimizing process efficiency, and ensuring quality control. Differential pressure flow meters are able to reliably and precisely provide flow measurements, making them essential tools for industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and many others.

At Cross Process Solutions, we offer a range of differential pressure flow meters from leading manufacturers. Our team of experts and engineers will work directly with you to ensure you’re getting the right flow meter for your specific application.

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Featured Differential Flow Meters

Benefits of Cross Differential Pressure Flow Meters

The differential pressure flow meters we offer are designed to meet the highest quality standards as well as to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements (even in potentially challenging environments like process facilities).

Whether you’re looking to monitor flow rates in a chemical plant, the steam flow in a power plant, or optimize water usage in a municipal water treatment facility, Cross has the expertise and instrumentation you need. Other benefits of utilizing Cross high-quality differential pressure flow meters include


Differential pressure flow meters have applications across a wide range of industries. Whether you need to measure flow rates in large pipelines or small process lines, differential pressure flow meters can handle the task effectively.

Reliable Measurements

When properly installed and calibrated, differential pressure flow meters are able to provide reliable and accurate flow measurements. They can deliver repeatable results, ensuring that your process operates optimally and efficiently.


Think of Cross Company as an extension of your own team. We’ll work directly with you to ensure that your differential pressure flow meter is properly calibrated and integrated into your system, ensuring your flow meter reads accurately.

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Company Differential Pressure Flow Meters?

Partnering with Cross Company Process Solutions for your process instrumentation provides you with numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your operations and streamline your processes. Whether it’s benefitting from our extensive expertise, our industry experience, our comprehensive product offering, or even our world-class customer support, if you need process instrumentation, we have a solution.

As a forward-thinking, future-minded company, we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in process instrumentation and flow technology. We do this by maintaining and creating strategic partnerships with respected, industry-leading manufacturers. And by partnering with us, your operation stands to benefit from those partnerships.

By choosing Cross Company Process Solutions for your process instrumentation, you get the advantages of extensive expertise, a comprehensive product portfolio, customized solutions, exceptional customer support, and continuous innovation. Our commitment to our customers and our leading solutions make Cross a reliable partner for your process instrumentation needs.

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At Cross, we offer much more than just DP meters. We can also provide the solutions our process manufacturing partners need to succeed. Check out our other process instrumentation equipment and see for yourself.

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