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Custom Cables, Leads, Pinouts, and Cable Management

Much like the tires on your car, cables are absolutely necessary but not something you think about very often. Unfortunately, if you aren’t an automation engineer who is regularly dealing with cord selection, you may not even know where to begin or what you need. Luckily Cross Automation is here to help!

Why do I need custom cables?

Even though much of the equipment you order comes with cords included, those do not typically meet the standards required for automation applications. One of the prime examples in automation is flex rated cables. The cables that come standard are typically not made for the repeated flexing or bending that will occur during the course of regular use. If a cable is not flex rated, it will likely fail leading to costly and unplanned downtime.

Another common reason to order custom cables is if your application requires very long or non-standard length cables. Many servo motor manufacturers only offer cables up to 10 meters or 50 feet. If you happen to need 100-foot motor cables, then a custom cable solution would be right for you.

The need for special connectors is another great reason to purchase custom cabling. For example, if you need your connection to go through a bulkhead assembly, standard cabling will not work. We can also help with custom pinouts or cable harnesses to make assembly go smoothly. Putting thought into the design of your wiring ahead of time can save you lots of time and headaches when starting up and commissioning your equipment.

Finally, special environments have unique cord needs to ensure they are safe and operate as intended for years to come. Some examples of special environmental considerations include vacuum, high temperature, chemical contact, UV, and water resistant for submerged applications.

Added Value

Custom cables, leads, pinouts, and cable management are worth letting an expert handle because proper cabling can add real tangible value. Although custom cables, harnesses, and cable management systems can certainly add cost to your project, the equipment will not work without them. That means that when they break, your equipment is down. Letting an expert help you specify and order the proper cables can significantly reduce your risk of downtime.

Because custom wiring assemblies are designed specifically for your application, they make startup and commissioning significantly faster and easier. Your team is also not wasting valuable time sourcing parts, assembling the wiring harness themselves, and then testing. This is all done by manufacturers who specialize in the assembly of these components. This increases your efficiency while also improving the quality of your equipment.

Don’t be caught with the wrong cables on your next project! Let our automation experts spec the perfect cables for your equipment to reduce your risk of downtime, improve the efficiency of your team, and improve the quality of your machine!

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