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Established in 1990, FLEXIM is a leader in non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement technology, developing clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems that measure liquid, gas and steam flow. Their flow measurement solutions are ideal for applications such as campus and university settings. As a leader in the industry, they also offer SIL certification for their non invasive flow products.

Our process solutions group has been working with customers in a range of industrial applications to find the best products and solutions for a variety of processes. Cross offers FLEXIM products throughout our territories in Maryland, Virginia, the Washington DC area, and now North Carolina and South Carolina. Implement a FLEXIM solution today to help increase efficiency while improving quality and reducing risk.

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At Cross, our team works with a number of providers such as FLEXIM to offer an industry leading variety of products and solutions. This ensures you have the options you need working with one vendor, Cross. Keep your project simplified, yet find the best solutions from the best providers.

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This video from FLEXIM focuses on how flow disturbance correction is achieved in a range of applications.

Cross Hose & Fittings Helps Highland Brewing Add Hop Cannon to Brewing Process Highland Brewing, based in Asheville, NC, is the largest independent, family-owned brewery native to the Southeast. For the past several years, the craft brewing industry has seen increased demand for hop-forward Indian Pale Ales, or IPAs. These…

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Why you should choose FLEXIM ultrasonic meters for data centers If you are looking for flow meters for your data center, you have a number of options. If you want the most accurate and least invasive flow meter, we suggest FLEXIM’s ultrasonic meter. This equipment has several advantages that are…

FLEXIM Resource Case Study: Polymer Delivery System at a WWTP Utilizing FLEXIM flow equipment, a North Florida wastewater treatment plant was able to get reliable and accurate flow measurement of polymer, despite pulsating flow and very low velocity. Polymer is a flocculant and is necessary in waste water treatment, as…


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