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Why Choose FLEXIM for Data Centers?

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Why you should choose FLEXIM ultrasonic meters for data centers

If you are looking for flow meters for your data center, you have a number of options. If you want the most accurate and least invasive flow meter, we suggest FLEXIM’s ultrasonic meter. This equipment has several advantages that are particularly relevant for the data center industry. In addition the equipment is stocked at FLEXIM’s factory in Deer Park, NY and is ready for quick delivery.

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Low Maintenance

FLEXIM ultrasonic meters require significantly less maintenance than other ultrasonic meters or other flow meter technologies. First of all, FLEXIM meters use permanent coupling pads. There is no need to recouple the transducers annually like other ultrasonic meters. Also, most flow meters require calibration every 6 months to a year. FLEXIM recommends that their meters are verified or calibrated every three years. This is because FLEXIM ultrasonic flow meters do not have any moving parts, so they are far less likely to break down or fail. For example, turbine flow meters, which are a commonly used technology, can wear down over time. This is particularly dangerous because these types of meters will degrade over time without your knowledge as the moving parts are inside the pipe. Eventually, the degradation will affect the meter’s accuracy and this can result in unnecessary energy usage.

Excellent Support

FLEXIM offers Advanced Meter Verification AMV which allows you to check the health of your flow measurements in place without the need for process interruption. The continuous acquisition and permanent storage of diagnostic values by the transmitter enables regular verification. The use of AMV ensures the automatically generated verification report provides the required documentation for a healthy measurement point and can serve as an in-place calibration. While the Virtual Technician VTT makes FLEXIM support even better. When a customer calls for support, we do our best to help them over the phone. Now with the optional VTT tablet the customer enables the FLEXIM technician to connect and set up, troubleshoot, or verify any F721 flow meter from virtually anywhere. Should maintenance be required, FLEXIM has a full-service operation center at their factory in Deer Park, NY. Factory certified sales and service representatives are available with a free telephone hotline for assistance when you need it, 7 days a week from 7AM until Midnight EST.


Because these meters are ultrasonic they are installed onto the outside of your existing pipes with no need for cutting pipes or welding flanges. While this will save you time and money on the initial installation, it is also a great way to reduce the risk of leaks in your facility. Every time a pipe is cut that is a new opportunity for a leak which can waste resources and cause serious damage. What’s more, there is no downtime for installation or maintenance.


Every FLEXIM flow meter is calibrated to within 0.25% in our laboratory in accordance with ISO17025 standards and is NIST traceable. This ensures accuracy within +/- 1.0% of rate with certified traceability. This is a significant differentiator as many other flow meters are calibrated using electrical simulation. In data centers where accuracy is key, having equipment that is calibrated in real world application conditions ensures you are operating your facility using the best possible measurement data.


Because FLEXIM ultrasonic flow meters are pre calibrated at the factory, they arrive at your facility pre-zeroed. This means that they can be installed on your chilled water lines without the need to shut down the flow in order to zero the meter. The benefit to this is that you will experience no interruptions to your process and no risk of equipment overheating while your new flow meter is installed.

High Turn Down

The FLEXIM meters can read flow rates all the way down to 0 .03ft’/sec. While this may not seem relevant to your application, it is actually critical in monitoring energy consumption. If your valve is shut off the meter can alert you to a slow trickle, letting you know that you have a leaking valve. Eliminating leaks can result in significant cost savings for your over time. FLEXIM meters are bi-directional and have a wide range of flow capability with a turndown of 140:1.

Universal Fit

In most data center applications, the pipes are between 6”-20”. Conveniently the same FLEXIM ultrasonic flow meter will fit on all pipes within this size range. What does that mean for you? Less spare parts to keep on the shelves. You can keep one spare on the shelf and it will work for all metering points in your facility. This saves you money and makes repair and replacement easier, as you don’t need to waste time finding the correctly sized parts for that particular application. Additionally, FLEXIM provides an application guarantee on all permanently installed equipment. If it doesn’t work in your application, we take it back.

As you can see there are a number of reasons why the FLEXIM Ultrasonic meters are an excellent solution for the data center industry. In fact, FLEXIM has created a model specifically for the industry that can record two flow measurements and four RTDs all with a single device. See how Cross helped a data center reduce risk and improve efficiency with FLEXIM ultrasonic flow meters. If you are interested in learning more about how FLEXIM meters can help improve the efficiency and reduce the risk in your data center contact us today. We have a team of experts ready to answer your questions.

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