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Temperature Measurement

Cross Company Temperature Measurement

When it comes to industrial processes, temperature is a critical parameter that can impact quality assurance, safety, and overall operational efficiency significantly. Advanced temperature instrumentation is a fundamental element in monitoring and controlling temperature variables with precision and accuracy. That’s why reliable temperature measurement equipment is so important for manufacturing facilities or other process applications.

Cross provides temperature transmitters, switches, temperature sensors, and controls for critical safety, alarm and shutdown functions demanded by the heavy process industries. Take a look at the temperature measurement products offered by Cross.

Optimizing Your Manufacturing Processes

Whether it’s optimizing chemical reactions, ensuring facility safety, or maintaining machinery within operational limits, reliable temperature measurement instrumentation is crucial. Conversely, inaccurate temperature control can lead to defective products, compromised safety in industrial environments, and increased operational costs over time.

Temperature measurement instruments have applications in a wide range of industries. Within industrial manufacturing, precise temperature control is necessary to achieve reliable quality control. Within the energy sector, temperature measurement equipment is utilized to maintain the efficiency of power generation processes.

If you’re looking for reliable temperature measurement equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At Cross Company, we maintain strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers. That way, we can always offer the right equipment to all of our customers.

At Cross, we offer thermometers that can measure from -200⁰C to +700⁰C. All our thermometers are also suitable for harsh industrial environments while still maintaining their measurement accuracy.

Industrial Thermometers →

We offer a wide variety of resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, and thermowells. We can also provide a variety of temperature probes, sensors and transmitters from TTEC.

RTDs, Thermocouples, Thermowells →

Cross Company offers a wide variety of accessories for RTDs, thermocouples, and industrial thermometers. This includes wires, terminal blocks, connectors, and many others.

Temperature Measurement Accessories →

Optimizing Processes Through Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement equipment plays a critical role across a wide range of sectors by optimizing various industrial processes. Accurate and reliable temperature monitoring devices ensure that processes are conducted within desired parameters, leading to improved product quality, enhanced safety, and increased operational efficiency.

For instance, in food processing, maintaining consistent temperatures during cooking or cooling is vital for a quality finished product. Similarly, in chemical manufacturing, precise temperature control can have a significant impact on chemical reactions (particularly in pharmaceutical manufacturing). Temperature measurement equipment empowers manufacturers to fine-tune their processes, reducing waste, and producing goods that meet strict quality standards.

If you have a need for temperature measurement in your process, Cross Company can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Improved product quality

Increased facility safety

Enhanced energy efficiency

Reduced production downtime

Higher process optimization

Greater regulatory compliance

Benefits of Temperature Measurement

There are many benefits to partnering with Cross Company for your process temperature measurement equipment. Some of those benefits include

High Precision

High-quality temperature sensors are able to provide a high level of precision in your measurements. This minimizes variations and ensures end products meet quality standards

Increased Safety

In industries like chemical manufacturing, having accurate temperature monitoring is necessary to prevent hazardous reactions and reduce the potential of industrial accidents in your facility

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring enables immediate responses to deviations, preventing potential issues, minimizing downtime, and allowing for predictive maintenance procedures

Offering Solutions From Leading Brands

Why Cross Temperature Measurement?

With our commitment to innovation, technical expertise, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, we can offer a wide selection of temperature measurement devices. From selecting the appropriate sensors to integrating them into complex systems, Cross Company ensures process operations receive tailored solutions that enhance efficiency while providing tangible benefits.

In addition to working with you to find the right temperature measurement equipment for your operation, our service group offers ISO 17025 accredited calibration of temperature measuring devices throughout our entire network of laboratories. Calibration with Cross ensures your new equipment includes readily available documentation from day one as well as access to GageSuite®, our award-winning calibration tracking software.

Interested in learning more about how Cross company can help your operation? Contact us today to discuss your application with a Cross team member.

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At Cross, we offer much more than just temperature measurement instrumentation. We can also provide the solutions our process manufacturing partners need to succeed. Check out our other process solutions equipment and see for yourself.

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