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Custom Test Machines

If you currently are internally testing products manually, you could likely benefit from a custom test machine. Our engineering team will review your existing internal, ISO, or ASTM test procedure and work with you to develop a machine to automate the process. Our custom test machines will also collect test data so that you can make decisions in real-time to improve your manufacturing process. With extensive experience in measurement and gage R & R, you can be sure that the solution our team builds will provide you with accurate and repeatable measurement data.

Utilizing custom test equipment can help you reduce risk by eliminating the opportunity for human error in your process. Also, because data is collected automatically, you know that the data you are using to make manufacturing decisions is reliable. This helps reduce the risk of bad product leaving your facility. For the same reasons, custom test machines help to raise the quality of your product because you are able to catch issues in your process early. In addition, you can also improve efficiency by automating the process. Through automation, you are able to free up human resources so they can complete other tasks within the facility. Often, we are also able to reduce cycle time and increase throughput allowing you to test a higher percentage of your product.

We have extensive experience in creating test equipment for a wide range of industries including motorized vehicles, aerospace, consumer products, food, textiles, and medical devices. Custom machines can test for a number of parameters including durability, runout, force, torque, pressure, weight, temperature, length, gloss, and finish. Below are examples of custom test machines our team has built in the past.

  • Mattress durability tester
  • Runout measurement test machine for turbine blades
  • Vacuum chamber for leak testing
  • Measurement system for checking wall thickness of driveshafts
  • Lead grid measurement system for a battery manufacturer

Interested in automating your testing process? Reach out today to talk with our experts. We will work with you to develop the perfect equipment for your test procedure.

See how our precision measurement team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.