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Small Parts Kitting and Checkweighing


Checkweighing is a fairly common scale application. Essentially, it is a scale that is programmed to tell the operator if the piece(s) being measured falls within a specific target weight range. Scales can be programmed to show this both graphically or with stack lights. This technology can also be taken a step further to be used for kitting applications. At the most basic level, an assembled kit can be placed on the scale to ensure the complete kit is at the target weight.

This, however, may not be enough as putting too many of the wrong components and not enough of the right ones could still potentially reach the correct weight. Our engineering department has recently developed our Kitting Wizard, for manual parts kitting processes. The Wizard takes operators through a pre-defined program, which directs them to add specific parts to the kit in a specific order. Pictures and/or text help the operator identify which part to use. Incorrect parts or parts that are under- or over-weight are flagged and program will not continue until error is corrected.

Parts can be added by weight or by number of units, like four screws or three washers. Multiple parts, large parts or very small parts can also be accommodated.

Features and Benefits

  • Having accurate parts kits saves time and money, by speeding up throughput and ensuring that only the correct number of parts is used and nothing more.
  • Customer service is also improved customers can use the kit right away and complete the task, rather than calling customer service to complain because they’re missing a bolt or a washer
  • The 7” color touch display has an intuitive user interface, where images of parts, work steps, or process status can be clearly displayed. This significantly reduces language barriers or user experience levels during the process.
  • The system provides real time inventory management, for completed kits and components
  • Component weights are logged for trend analysis

System Options

  • Bar code scanner
  • Label or ticket printer
  • Bag sealers
  • Box / case tapers
  • Production count message displays can be updated
  • Kit production & component inventory usage data
  • Stack-lights can be used to provide 360 degree visual, & audible component check feedback.


Applications for checkweighing beyond kitting include parts counting, dosing, and bag filling. They are most commonly used in industries such as consumer products, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, food & beverage, and contract packaging.

Checkweighing & kitting reduce your risk of warranty claims and returned product because you know that your product was shipped with all the necessary parts. It also increases the efficiency of your team by making your packing process move faster with less error, resulting in less need for rework. Finally, the quality of your product improves because all needed parts are included and you are sure that your product meets specifications.

Interested in custom checkweighing and kitting solutions? Contact our team today, we would love to design a solution for you!

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