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Custom Vision Measurement and Inspection Solutions

Are you interested in integrating vision measurement or inspection into your existing process, but lack the resources? Maybe your inspection team cannot keep up with your manufacturing throughput, causing a bottleneck, or worse, your product is not inspected. We can help! The Cross engineering team has years of experience in measurement and can help you seamlessly integrate a vision solution.

What is vision inspection & measurement?

Vision inspection and measurement is the use of specially designed cameras that can quickly scan items for a number of features including dimensional measurements, color, placement, etc. This technology is used in manufacturing to quickly inspect and/or measure parts as they come into your facility or as they move through specific parts of your process.

Why vision?

As manufacturing processes become more efficient, it is increasingly difficult for human quality control technicians to measure or inspect products fast enough. Whether you are inspecting incoming raw materials or parts, checking parts during manufacturing, or conducting final product quality inspections, humans simply cannot provide the same speed and reliability of cameras. Automating measurement and inspection processes can also free up human resources to do other tasks within your facility.

Value Added

By utilizing vision technology into your measurement and inspection processes, you can reduce your risk of wasted product and raw materials because issues can be discovered faster. In addition, your risk of warranty issues will be reduced due to 100% inspection of your product. Efficiency is also increased because not only will you eliminate bottlenecks in your process, but the human resources you free up can be used elsewhere in your facility. Finally, the quality of your products will be improved because you know that each piece is measured and inspected to meets your quality requirements.

Interested in integrating vision technology into your measurement and inspection processes? Contact your experts today to learn more about how Cross can help you reduce your risk, improve your efficiency, and improve the overall quality of the product leaving your facility.

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